Pros and Cons to Outsource Your SEO in 2021

Why SEO Outsource?

SEO is a rapidly growing industry that has become a necessity for business owners. With the use of foolproof link-building strategies, businesses can easily experience an immediate increase in their sales, as well as the number of visitors on their business website. SEO for a company is inevitable; however, business owners need to pick either in-house SEO or outsource the complete SEO or partial services for example Link building and Outreaching to outsource to a cost-effective agency or freelancers. Discussed below are the pros and cons of outsourcing SEO in 2021.

Pros of outsourcing SEO services

Let us begin with the many advantages of outsourcing SEO services. SEO demands time and effort, and when it is done strategically, it can do wonders for your business. Read through the benefits of outsourcing SEO and find out whether it is the right business solution for you.

Time-efficient strategy

For small business owners, outsourcing SEO can be the best solution. This is because small businesses have a limited number of people looking after business affairs. In this case, additional duties like social media management, link building for your business website, etc., can take up a significant amount of time. Therefore, it is best to outsource SEO because then, the business owner can solely focus on running their business instead of worrying about the number of people visiting their website.

Even for a larger business, outsourcing SEO can be a great help. Once the business owner signs a contract with the SEO agency, they can instruct them about their requirements and goals. Customized SEO services will surely increase their sales and help their business reach a more significant client base. Moreover, large companies will not have to undergo the laborious process of interviewing several people to assemble an in-house SEO team. This results in large and small companies saving a considerable amount of time, which is just as good as increased sales!


It is a fact that the SEO industry is highly competitive. This means that the chances of survival for a sub-par SEO agency are impossible. For business owners, this is excellent news because it ensures that whatever SEO agency they pick will provide them with the most professional search engine optimization services. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to assemble an equally skilled and experienced in-house SEO team, even if you conduct the most elaborate interviews. In this case, outsourcing your SEO will prove to be a much more reliable solution compared to in-house SEO.

Affordable business solution

Businesses are always seeking time and cost-efficient methods to increase their profits while maintaining their services and products. If you are an anxious business owner who wants to attain the best SEO services while keeping it all within your budget, you should outsource your SEO instead of hiring a new employee for the job. It is impossible to judge the SEO capabilities of a person merely through their interview and credentials. However, the survival of an SEO agency in such a competitive industry is all the evidence one needs of their capability and professionalism.

For this purpose, outsourcing SEO services can be a much more affordable solution rather than hiring and spending your money on an employee who may not be able to contribute much to your sales and profits.

Cons of outsourcing SEO services

While outsourcing SEO seems like a great solution for most of your business needs, it has its disadvantages that might prove to be a deal-breaker for you. This is precisely why it is essential to go through the cons of outsourcing your SEO service before making a final decision.

Unmonitored service

When you outsource your SEO service, you cannot monitor the activities of the team working on your project. Some business owners are very conscious about keeping a tight check on all of their business affairs. For such entrepreneurs, it is more suitable to build an in-house SEO team because they will be in constant contact with the team. This will allow them to pass on instructions regarding specific affairs and make sure the SEO team is motivated to work for their company at all times. Undoubtedly, employees perform better when they are under the inspection of the manager. However, it is to be noted that good SEO agencies make extra effort to keep their clients involved with their affairs.

Constant expense

Outsourcing your SEO means you have to get ready to deal with an ongoing expense. Therefore, it is essential to assess your budget before you sign a contract with an SEO agency. If you can barely afford payment for SEO services, the increase in sales caused by the SEO agency would not be of many benefits. It is true that you save considerable time when you share your workload with an SEO agency; however, you have to pay its price.

Insufficient services

For some business owners, outsourcing SEO can prove to be quite insufficient for their business requirements. The reason is that SEO is an unpredictable industry that is ceaselessly evolving. Most SEO agencies provide site makeover services by optimizing the client’s keywords. After that, they consider their job done and let the client handle the rest.

For some businesses, this is sufficient because they are only looking for an agency that does the initial SEO work for them. They consider working with an SEO agency as a head-start so that when the contract is over, they can resume control over their website and brand management. However, clients who require a more in-depth SEO service cannot benefit from this. After the site makeover, they still need to put in much time and effort to maintain their website and build a relationship with their customers.

Conclusively, choosing to outsource your SEO or not is a personal choice. This choice most certainly depends upon the individual needs of a particular business. Some business owners who have enough budget to afford outsourcing SEO prefer to hand over the entire responsibility to the agency because they want to focus on other business affairs.

On the other hand, business owners who prefer to stay involved in every aspect of their business cannot take much advantage of outsourcing their SEO. Such owners believe in maintaining close contact with their customers, which can possibly be disrupted upon the involvement of a middle man, i.e., the SEO agency. This is why, as a business owner, you must first assess your requirement, budget, philosophy, and strategy before you arrive at a final decision.


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