39 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2021

In recent years, Make Money Blogging has become one of the most reliable and profitable online business models. To make money online in 2020 it will be the most suitable idea for you that you can try. But to be successful, may it will be great if you keep your eyes on this Best Blogging Ideas to make money online in 2020.

However, in 2021, it cannot be said that every blogging niches are profitable to make money, there lots of ideas to write a blog but all of them are not money-earning types. You have to choose the best one for your purpose. That needs a lot of research and study what most people don’t want to do. As if you now want to suggest to me about starting a news blog, then I should say no. Maybe recently they have been passed very crowded days but the major percent of the international news niche traffic is eaten by big and famous news channels (online versions). Blogging with various purposes can increase market share, revenue growth, consumer engagement, and ROI. Possibly you also want to do that. But the disgusting is that lots of people have stuck with a question which is:

What do them blog about?

For brands, the answer is quite simple. They need to realize:

1) What are they selling?

2) To whom they want to sell? and

3) Relevant blog topics.

For individuals, the question can be quite a bit trickier. If you want to start a blog to monetize, you have to pick up a topic and have been making progress toward your destination and goal. But the main fact  that is, deciding the best blog topic. That’s why we are here with this article after researching over available best blog ideas and market analysis. An incredible and standard blog hasto start with such topic.

Best Ideas to make money blogging in 2021

These are the types of topics, approaches, and ideas that have confirmed massive success in recent years and will continue to do so in near future.

1. Listicle

Either love or hate, marketers have a common relationship with a listicle. They’re among the most famous blog articles online that are used by Buzzfeed, discussed at the SXSW tech conference, and even defended by the New York Times. Therefore, some people always think that the listicle has lacked quality, and it could be true in some manner. Like other forms of content marketing, the listicle has its pros and cons. But it is proven that people love to read listicles.  It’s not only a trend but also proved scientifically. That’s why the article that you are following now, is also a listicle. It is one of the best blogging ideas.

2. How-to Guide

It can be assumed that you hate reading instruction manuals due to most people do this. Can you remember the time that you stuck up with a glass of wine and the instruction manual to your blender for last?  So, how do people learn about how to do stuff? The answer is very simple, they Google it.

I think you know about WikiHow, they became incredibly popular based on how-to-do articles alone. You will be surprised to see what people are Google. If you have troubles in finding your niche audience, just deliver the answer to their curiosities, maybe you can’t help them but this will create a popular blog.

3. Politics

Politics are popular during every election year. Whether national or local, find a political topic to discuss, and join this conversation. This type of conversation has made them the regular in your blog and this type of audience is a great opportunity to make money online.

Politics can be dicey, however. People tend to get really polarized around political topics, so be prepared to handle some controversy. Don’t get in troubles to make money. Be quite tricky for this type of blogging and prove it as the best blogging idea

4. Bacon

Don’t you love bacon? Everyone loves it. For the popularity, there are so many popular blogs online that have an entire archive based on bacon articles. Maybe it’s not a permanent trend but not that one which goes away soon. So, start your online blog based on bacon and get on board.

5. Recipes

One of the best blogging ideas is to implement. It will be an ideal way to draw traffic to your blog by writing on various recipes. Various new diet fads are coming daily, so there are always new recipes to be discovered. And also people love to taste new. So, there are a few chances of this trend to go far away soon. And this drives them to have new foods with a new taste for which they are searching for new, innovative and tasty recipes online.

6. Beginner guides

Another one, that people Google regularly, in a big amount. Beginner guides have been very popular day by day. They are written for the beginners to provide them information on learning advanced stuff.

You have to start somewhere, so why not with a beginner guide? Beginner guides are often the way that bloggers use to create organic search traffic at the very first time, and they can even use infographics for the best traffic.

7. Ultimate guides

The term “ultimate guide,” however, it is quite overused, but it is the one that people search often. Ultimate guides are used to provide the suggestion of expertise in completing something. You can swap the terms if you want, such as some of these from Business Casual Copywriting:

  • Complete Guide
  • Essential Guide
  • Important to Know
  • The Best Guideline
  • Uncensored Guide
  • The Last Guide to ____ You’ll Ever Need

If you’re a pro and advanced on something, creating an ultimate guide is an incredible way to do some famous blogging,   

8. Frequently asked questions

A large number of people are frequently Google their queries with questions. It is easy to identify a list of frequently asked questions. Be alarmed on posting answers to common questions online, don’t stop people from asking questions anyway.

However, serve as a resource for individual, they are usually demonstrated on e-commerce sites, but also overlooked on blogs. Frequently Asked Questions are one of the best blogging ideas in any age.

Google’s algorithm uses some variety of popular topics as a part of its knowledge graph and FAQs are one of them, If you’re a hard worker and lucky enough, you might gain a top spot in this desirable place.

9. Interviews

If you want to withstand yourself far away from the ocean of bloggers and the competition the best way is to gain the right approach from the industry experts.

Whether it’s with your team members or people from other companies respectively from the industry, get some interviews and set up them on your blog sites to gain valuable information from the professionals. It can be denoted as one of the best blogging ideas.

10. Personal stories

However, your personal stories may not be the keyword-filled right way that you want, but they are still a reliable addition to any blog.

Through sharing personal stories, you offer readers an option to relate your business on a special level, which helps in building brand attraction.

11. Charity and activism

Various type of charitable activity, actions, or events that you support might be blogged about. Websites like KickStarter, GoFundMe are very crowded funding sites that showing appeal to the good in people, displays you are working in these communities can create your readership. It can be a great idea for blogging.

12. People features

Branding selected people like professional, respected customers, leaders, public figure, authorities, etc. is a wonderful path to gain personality to your blog and build a sense of connecting. “Humans of New York” is one of the most visited blogs doing that today.

Eventually branding a real person with photos, videos, writings, works, quotes, and other personal information is one of the best ways to connect and increase strong engagement with your targeted audience.

13. Product reviews

Product review articles are such contains that features various types of products in detail, their specification, features, pros and cons, customers review and much more. Besides producing traffic product reviews are also a trusted resource of the revenue stream for the bloggers. It can be denoted as the best way to monetize your blog in an instant manner.

However, besides reviewing a product you can add some link of affiliate links like Amazon or eBay Affiliate and monetize your blog. Over the world, it has become very popular to purchase a product after Google on its review. So if you start your blogging with product reviews, it will provide a great chance of income online.

14. Sourced news

News with reliable and dependable source denotes as sourced news. If you want to get media attention report on any kind of sourced news will be the greatest idea. Once upon a time before the Internet, newspaper ruled the world with sourced news and it is still cherished by news junkies. With the appropriate type of curation, identification, selection, and commentary, this is the niche you can rule.

15. Gifs and memes

Besides listicles, Memes and Gifs have a great impact to make Buzzfeed so popular. Memes and gifs are very popular among the people and for this, they are widely used on the site. Gifs provide people the thrill of a video and together it offers a ton of entertainment.

16. Myth-debunking

Maybe you know shows like Mythbusters are so popular among the generation but do you know the cause of their popularity? Every industry has facts and fiction on this. We love to learn what we have done or thought wrong in our lifetime, so intelligent bloggers debunk myths.

17. Virtual reality

VR (Virtual Reality) is an overgrowing industry which is going to continue the rate of its getting larger as time goes on. It is counted that it becomes an industry of $3 billion investments by the end of 2016, and so jumping on the bandwagon now could drive early adopter traffic.

18. Internet of things

Don’t you use a smartphone or other smart devices? Smart and interconnected devices are very common everywhere, and for this, IT experts blogging about IT topics draw a crowd. If you choose an IT niche for making money, you have to show your expertise on the subject matter. The niche is full of people who know what’s going.

19. Automation

For B2B businesses, automation becomes the exhortation of the day. So blog posts considering ways to automate somehow anything can be great for you. You need to describe the automation in broad and you will have to select a typeof automation regarding drive truly valuable internet traffic.

20. Troubleshooting guides

Not only me, but everybody also have searched for reliable troubleshooting tips. Troubleshooting guides talk about the troubles ofmany contents that seekers are following for eliminating them. The main fact is that need to solve a problem. And that is precisely the best troubleshooting guide do regularly.

21. Contests

It is a great way to connect huge readers. Contest organize a lot of people in one platform.

Arranging contest with rewarding readers is a great way to draw attention to a blog. Don’t hold a contest that is scummy or cheap, it will get a bad rap. But they stand on the way back as a reliable and dependable vast-traffic-driving technique.

24. Advice

It is a bit confusing. But if you give a look on online in both the Lifehacker and Lifehack rose to prominence by providing valuable advice to readers on all required subject. As like life advice is a valued commodity regarding the subject matter. So it is a good option for you to make money online and it is the one which is a permanent way to earn money.

25. Productivity tips

Do you have any industry or organization that produce any product or service? If you have then don’t you looking for increasing your productivity? Usually, people want to produce more faster and are always in a hurry on the lookout for tips, tools, and technology to help them to increase productivity. They are the bread and butter for many popular online blogs.

26. Travel

No matter how connected we can have, but travel is and will always be the most famous topic for online discussion and searches. Most people love to travel. Around the world, travelers are going to discover the world continuously. A large number of people are traveling frequently in recent days. And the fact is that most of them don’t know enough of their selected place, so they Google for them.

We all want to get the best thrill and feel when we travel. And for this feeling, we need the adequate information that the place we are going to visit. Any information or suggestion on how to do it in the best way and cheaply is always valued. It can be denoted as the best blogging ideas for generating traffic.

27. History

Blogging with history lessons are a suitable way to fill up your blog with useful data. People like to know what people did in the past and how they were. History content can provide your blog a standard and make it consistent. Long-time bloggers who often get caught on current events can do blogging with history lessons. You can push some related ad and affiliate link like as link for antique on them and earn huge money and make it as the best blogging idea for you.

28. Funny stories

There shall always be a large place for humor in this world. People love to laugh and making others laugh. Contents that make people laugh are often shared frequently on various social networking sites. And this can provide you required amount of web traffic which give you lots of chances to make money online.

29. Parenting tips

There will always be parents around the world, and useful parenting tips are respected vastly. Blogging moms have conferences and conventions around the world, training people to follow their route and mounting a sustainable industry. Dad bloggers are also approaching into their own as famous and respected places for getting information.

30. Upcoming events

Event news is a very useful method of catching traffic. You can always describe an event when it is coming up by the buzz in the blogosphere. Whether it’s global events like the FIFA World Cup or local events like a fund-raising concert or book-reading, events soak many of the most popular online blogs.

31. Internet stars

You will find many blog posts over the internet star, people are used to knowing about them. Partnering with and branding the most top Internet stars helps in growing your followers. so many blogger and content creators are partnering up with internet stars in order to stay in the competition. If you don’t know who PewDiePie and The Fine Bros are, it’s time to do some research and homework.

32. Tech support

Tech supports getting so popular in recent days. Companies which come with hardware, software, plug-isn, tools or other technical support will include technical support within their blogs, forums commonly. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple have widespread knowledge bases online, and they are only growing respectively along with everyone else. 

33. Gift ideas

The gift is very common to see. But people want to gift unique and creative thing as a gift to their lovable one. And most often right now, people are looking for unique gifts on the Internet. And for that, blogs around the Internet have prepared holiday gift guides to help consumers to the right gifts to buy for their fiance, friends, colleagues, or family during the holiday season. You will find many Affiliate links that can help you to create money for these articles.

34. Best-ofs

It’s a type of article which title starts with such words like The best ____ of 2017, Best of ____ purposes,  and in this century, and of all time they are great articles to read. WatchMojo created a complete business plan on top ten list and many others are following suit. For drawing readers attention it is a great way to include best-of lists following everything within your industry. Various Affiliate links like Amazon or others can support you to build revenue for these type of best-of contents.

35. Respond to readers

Responding the readers as early as possible is a standard way to gain consistent readers. People have always been attracted in receiving suggestions from article, content as well as publications, whether it’s from old-school advice columnists or new-school ones. Responding to readers can create your image as a real person who had a real conversation and permits you to deal with individual concerns to prove you care for them. This makes you reliable to them and they will depend on you. And it drives them to follow your blog regularly and receive your offer without thinking about them. Basically, it will create a faith on you to the audience. And for engaging more traffic it is one of the greatest ways which can be considered as one of the best blogging ideas to make money online.

There are many popular and well-known ideas and popular ideas come and go.

You have to identify and pick up a technique that day only to find it went into disfavor the next day. That is an important part of the excitement of blogging. Select one with your expertise and interest, deal with it, pick up your expected traffic, and move on with it to make money online.

All of these ideas, topics, tactics, and techniques which are listed above are virtually guaranteed to create you as the world’s most famous blogger.

Maybe you can get all the traffic you need, you have the ideal audience that you want. Maybe you are consistent. But trying a few from these can show you some progress in getting more traffic and making money online. These are the best ideas in 2020 to make money online.