Top Effective Natural Cure for Cancer You Should Know

Recently I’ve lost one of my relative aunts suffering from breast cancer. She passed away leaving her 2 beautiful kids alone in this dreadful world. I saw how hard the life was for the kids, who had to fight every day to survive in this world without mother care. When it was the time to play, do nagging and whining with mother and again running towards mother out of fear in the darkness, they were left alone in this heartless world!

She was suffering from cancer for a long time and I saw her dipping down gradually with the help of chemotherapy. She had an operation to cut off the breast. But it was too late as tumors already spread in the whole body.
When I heard about the natural cure for cancer which is better than chemotherapy, I started learning on this issue. So if anyone of you is also looking for this answer in your subconscious mind, have a look at what I’ve got to cure cancer naturally.

Before that, you need to know the truth about the cancer cure, “how the medicine won’t allow cancer to be cured.” Have a look at the Mercola video.

1.Sunlight, vitamin D3

Science continues to support the fact that high levels of heart healthy, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are key to keeping your body free of cancer. Recently, there has been considerable progress regarding the role that fat-soluble vitamin D3 plays in cancer prevention.

From the recent study, it’s found that fat-soluble vitamin D3 plays a great role in cancer prevention.

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they published an evaluation where nearly 1,200 postmenopausal women were examined by providing a  1400-1500 mg supplement of calcium and a calcium supplement +1,100 IU vitamin D3 for cancer prevention.

The result was incredible! After adding vitamin D3, the risk reduced by 77%.

Process of getting Vitamin D

  • Get exposed to the sun every day in between 10 am- 2 pm for 20 minutes.
  • Take oral supplement having  5,000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

2.The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson is the German-born American medical doctor who is one of those who invented natural treatment for cancer, 90 years ago.  In fact, it’s popularly known as “Gerson Therapy.” In this therapy the ingredients that were used for cure are-

  • Coffee enemas
  • Organic plant-based food
  • Raw juices
  • Animal liver
  • Natural supplements

This is the natural system which boosts the immune system and thus, helps to heal naturally by itself.

Details of how it works:

  • Detoxification 

Coffee enemas are used as an initial detoxification of the body by increasing the parasympathetic nervous system.

Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte explained it in this way that

When the patient goes on with the full therapy i.e., food, juice and medication, it helps the immune system to kill tumor tissue and flush out the toxin from the body.

  • The Gerson Diet

Organic fruits, vegetables, and a sprouted ancient grain are highly rich in vitamins, enzymes, and minerals with low in fat, protein and sodium.

-Meal plan

-Drink 13 glasses of freshly prepared juice

-Eat 2  plant based meals

-Fresh fruit for snack every day

-Have animal  liver rich in vitamin B12

  • Juicing method

Gerson Institute believes that freshly pressed juice from raw foods is the most effective way of providing high-quality nutrition. The juice includes- raw carrot juice, raw apple juice, raw lemon juice.

Here important issue to note:

You should do juicing  in two-step juicer. Because commercial juicer destroys the nutrition inside the food due to high spin.

  • Supplements

-Organic medicinal therapy includes:

-Pancreatic enzymes

– Vitamin B12

-Potassium compound

-Thyroid hormone

-Lugol’s solution    

3.Turmeric and Curcumin

The use of turmeric and curcumin for the cancer cure is one of most thoroughly researched topics.

From the laboratory study, it’s found that curcumin has an anticancer effect and show the best result in fighting against breast cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer, etc.

From another study, the curcumin blocks the formation of cancer-causing enzymes.

In 2007 laboratory study, the combined treatment of curcumin with chemotherapy killed more bowel cancer cells than chemo alone.

The bottom line?

Curcumin has got popularity due to its ability to reduce tumor size and even killing cancer cells. It works effectively for colon, breast and skin cancer.

4.Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy

It’s one of the most effective natural cures for cancer. Dr. Budwig recommended this essential oil. To be more specific, Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) is proved to work clinically as a vital treatment for– breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic, stomach and brain cancer.

Researchers at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas said that the frankincense essential oil influences the gene to boost healing.

How to use Frankincense Essential Oil:

Apply frankincense essential oil on your neck and drink three drops in 8 ounces of water 3 times a day.

5.Vitamin C Chelation

The word “chelate” means to grab onto something.

In this case:

Something refers to “toxin.”

In Chelation therapy, natural or chemical compounds are used for removing toxic metals from the body.

Though it’s not an approved therapy today, it’s commonly in use for calcium deposit removal from arteries.

It has been found that consuming vitamin C-rich food also fight against cancer.

For more about the chelation therapy, you can visit here.

6.The Budwig Protocol

The German Government’s Senior Expert on pharmacology and lipids, Dr. Johanna Budwig in 1952,  found that conventionally processed fats and hydrogenated oils were damaging the cell membranes and thus, resulting in diseased cells and toxicity.

So, she made the Budwig diet protocol to act against cancer developing process.

The method in which the Budwig Protocol Works  

A mixture of cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, and flax seeds showed the best result. Here, by consuming the life-giving unsaturated/saturated fatty acids, your cells rebuild, regain and rebirth.

Dr. Josh Axe shared his “Beyond Budwig” Recipe which is the updated 21st-century version of the Budwig Protocol.

7.Oxygen Therapy and Hyperbaric Chambers

Dr. Warburg (Nobel Prize in Physiology Winner, 1931) stated that oxygen deficiency is the main cause of cancer. In addition, he also discovered that cancer couldn’t survive in the presence of high-level oxygen.


People who are seeking the natural cure for cancer can use oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber.

3 “Cures for Cancer” not recognized officially but used by some patients

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is used as a treatment to destroy or kill tumors again, as a cure for ulcers, diabetes, insomnia or migraines. Locally it’s known as hemp oil or marijuana.

It’s available in different form like- mixing with food or inhaling the vapor that comes from it.


Cannabis products are considered illegal by federal law.


Commercially available cannabis compounds are FDA- “approved “ to reduce the cancer treatment but clinically it’s not be shown. On the other hand, it causes the side effect like- nausea, vomiting, and attention loss.

Result :

Memorial Sloan Kettering pharmacist and herbalist,Dr. Yeung said that there are no human studies which assure that it can be used as a cancer treatment but if anyone uses it as a treatment take the advice from the doctor properly.


Laetrile is an extract from apricot pits and some nuts and plants, became popular as a cancer treatment in Russia and the United States for more than a century ago. The trade name is the purified form of amygdalin.

The intestinal enzymes break down Laetrile to produce cyanide which get the claim to kill the cancer cell.


It’s true that Laetrile breaks down into cyanide, but it destroys not only cancer cells but can make the patient sick. From the clinical studies done in the 1970s and 1980s, Laetrile didn’t reduce malignant tumor size or growth rather patient experienced cyanide poisoning.


According to Dr. Yeung, Laetrile is deifinitely effective for cancer treatment but use it in different form except for oral form, as it’s too dangerous.

Diet for pH level maintenance

Cancer cell survives in acidic medium i.e., low pH level. People claims that by increasing the pH level i.e., by consuming alkaline food like- green vegetables, fruits and planted based product, you can destroy the growth of cancer cells.


Due to high metabolic rate Cancer, cells make acidic microenvironment. But cancer cells with other healthy cells can’t survive in the alkaline medium. Your food diet can’t change pH level so much. pH value usually remains constant.


According to Dr. Yeung, there is no evidence that diet to manipulate pH level can affect cancer growth. On the other hand, some people use chemicals to change the pH level which is seriously dangerous.

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