Double Falls: The Beauty of A Waterfall in Bangladesh

There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul.”
Virginia Alison

Bangladesh is blessed with different kind of waterfalls. Though they were not renowned that much before, as the time passing by, the crazy travel lovers are discovering new spots and new places every day and making our tourist attractions more enriched and enlightened.

Among them, another recent discovery is this “Double falls” or “Tlabong Jharna.” I am sure, many of you’re new to this place.

Wherever you stay there, you’re surely going to experience the sea of floating clouds below your feet with sleeping eyes in the morning!
You’ll love the Kapital Hill, zoom house, etc. while trekking towards the Double Falls.

I know you’re not getting all the things right now, but as you proceed further, all the thing will be clear by then.

If you think you’re adventurous enough and want to meet your thirst for this new place, get ready with backpacks and explore this area on your next holiday!

Credit: Faruk Islam

Beauty in the name

Double Falls is one of the picturesque waterfalls in Bandarban which is also known as “twin waterfall” or “Klibung Kham.” From the name you can guess that there are 2 adjacent falls where the right one is known as “Pangkhiyang” and left one “Pangsha” together make this double falls.

Tlabong is a “Bom” word. It means ‘water sink’ or ‘container for water holder.’


It’s 2.5 km southeast from “Bom village” and 1-2 hours distance from Keokradong, Bandarban. More easily, it’s located below the “Sunsang para.”

Route: Ruma-Boga lake-Keokradong-passing para-Sungsang para-double falls

How to go:

If you want to explore “Tlobang Jharna” or “Double Falls,” hire a bus of Bandarban.
The buses include-

  • Dolphin
  • Shamoly
  • S. Alam etc.

It’ll cost 600-700tk for the journey to Bandarban. From Bandarban, you’ve to go to Ruma Upazila either by bus or Chander gari.
The bus fare is 100tk. You can get the bus in every 1 hour towards Ruma Bazar. It’s 2 – 2:30-hour long journey.


Your spot is Boga Lake.
You can reach to Boga lake in 2 ways.

One– by walking on foot crossing Jhiripath. It will take 4-5 hours
Another one- by “Chander Gari” for 2:30 -3 hours journey. But it’ll cost you a little bit more money around 1800-2500tk.

After the Boga lake, you’ve to proceed further by trekking. After long walk for 3 hours, you’ll reach Keokradong, the fifth highest peak of Bangladesh. If you take a few steps further, you’ll get “Passing para” the highest village in Bangladesh.

Now it’s the time to climb down to “Sungsang para” located at 1000 ft bottom. You’ll enjoy the rocky road, the trees touching the horizon and hide and seek game of frog and snake. And finally, you’ll reach Sungsang para.

You’ve to cross the Para surrounded by hills and proceed further to the deep forest inside and Jhiripath. After hiking for 2 hours, you can hear a soothing sound of the waterfall. So it’s the time now to enjoy the crystal clear cold water where you can bathe and refresh to remove all your pain and tiredness. It’ll make you calm, and you’ll forget all the pains that you gained during this long hour of trekking!


In a group of 4 or 5 with guide and food cost and travel cost, it’ll take almost around 3500tk for each person.

What to eat and where to stay

During the journey towards double falls, you can spend the first night at Boga lake para. Here you’ll find a good place for food. It’ll cost 200tk each if you want to stay at “Siyam Didi” house or the wooden house of “Laram.” You can find Omelette and potato smash costing 100tk. After the tour to double falls, you can spend the next day night at the house of Robart Bom in “Sungsang” Para. With food arrangement and all, it’ll cost around 350tk here. Don’t miss to eat the “Zoom rice” and the chicken curry of the hilly region.

So what you’re waiting for? All the information is here and contact with the people who have recently visited this place. finally,

And finally,

Get set go!!!

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