Hotel Resources in Some Famous Tourist Spots What You’re Insanely Looking for Traveling!

December 20, 2016

Hotel Resources in Some Tourist Spots What You’re Insanely Looking for!

Before getting the holiday, you dream to travel here or there and the travel list piles up in your head automatically. But when the holidays get started, you start thinking how to go, where to stay and is there any accommodation facility at all or not?

Again if you get the hotels, you don’t get it according to your budget list. So to lessen your trouble I made the hotel resources with the average budget.

Now, traveling has become a trend. So I can see many excited people counting their days for holidays. Since most of the people are young and students, who’re rushing towards the spots nowaday, so I tried to arrange from the low price to hight price of the hotel tariff  so that anybody with low budget can enjoy traveling.

Have a look and happy traveling!

Hotel Diamond Palace, Cox’s Bazar

Price list:

Couple bed for 2 person:

AC-1380 BDT /night

Non AC- 1680 BDT/night

2 separate bed:

4 person, AC- 1180tk, Non-AC-1580tk


Kalataly road, Coxs Bazar, Chittagong 4700, Bangladesh

Reservation no. :

0341-63642, 01822535001, +88 01199-738134,

Bay Touch Hotel

Price list of the hotel room:

Deluxe Suite – 4,391 BDT

Executive Suite – 3,136 BDT


Plot-63, Block-B, PWD Housing, Kolatoli,

Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh.

Hotel Sea Alif Ltd


N110, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


Couple Deluxe : Rent 2200 BDT

Contact: +88-0341 51253 +88-034152033

Hot Line No: +88-01715755112

Mermaid Beach Resort

Price list:

Mermaid Suite- 15000 BDT

1 Bedroom Beach Bungalows- BDT 11,000

1 Bedroom Beach Villas- BDT 14,940

2 Bedroom Family Beach Villas- BDT 12,000


Pechar Dwip, Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive Road, Bangladesh

Contact information: 

018 4141 6468-69

Nitol Bay Resort

Price list:

Deluxe Double Room 1- 2,025.00 BDT

The Deluxe Double Room- – 2,530.00 BDT

Deluxe Twin Room- 2,530.00 BDT

Super Deluxe Room- 2,531.00 BDT


Kolatoli Beach Road of Cox’s Bazar.

Suite Sadaf

Price list:

honeymoon suits- 7,840.00 BDT

family suits- 11,040.00 BDT


Marin Drive Road, Kalatoli, Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh


+880 1825-923982

White Orchid

Price list:

Deluxe twin-couple-3000BDT

Superior Deluxe twin- couple-3500BDT

Premier twin-couple 4000BDT

Executive twin-couple-  4500BDT


Block # C, Sea beach Road, Kolatoli 4700, Bangladesh


+880 341-63656

Vista Bay Resort

Price list:

Executive Suite-  5000 BDT

Super Deluxe- 4000tBDT

Deluxe Twin- 3000BDT

Deluxe Double- 2500BDT

Address :

Plot # 50, Block B, Kolatoli,

Cox’s Bazar – 4700, Bangladesh.

Reservation : 01977936623   

Sampan Resort and Spa

Price list:

Couple deluxe: 5625 BDT

Executive Twin: 6250 BDT

Superior Deluxe: 7500 BDT


Sampan Resort, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Contact info:

+8801974 726726, +8801813 726726

Sayeman Beach Resort

Price list:

Panorama Ocean Suite-  BDT 43520

Sea View Deluxe Suite-  BDT 21760

Sea View Deluxe King/Twin- BDT 11120

Hill View Deluxe King/Twin- BDT 7600

Extra Bed- BDT 1600


Sayeman Beach Resort, Marine Drive Road, Kolatali, Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh



Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

Price list:

Standard: BDT 6,325++

Deluxe: Sea view:BDT 6,640++

Superior Deluxe: Mountain view: BDT 6,957++

Address: 28-29, Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 341-52370

The Cox Today Limited

Price list:

Presidential Suite: 65,000 BDT

Royal Suite: 35,000 BDT

Honeymoon Suite : 13,000 BDT

Standard Room: 7000 BDT

Address: kolatoli Road, N110, Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1755-598449

Seagull Hotel

Price list:

Regular: single bed:Sea Side: BDT 5,059

Deluxe: hill side:single: BDT5,850

Address: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 341-62480 ext. 90

Hotel Beach Way

Price list|:

Deluxe Double: 3000 BDT

Honeymoon Room: 4000BDT

Executive Suite:6300 BDT

Address: House # 21, Block # C, Kolatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Reservations: +880 1777909595

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort

Price list:

Single room: 4000BDT

Family room: 6000BDT

Honeymoon deluxe: 8000BDT

Address: Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1819-152122

Unity Inn

Price list:

Deluxe Studio Apartment: BDT 4,200

Deluxe Family Suite: BDT 3,000

Super Deluxe Family Apartment : BDT 7,000

Address: Plot 41/B, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar,Bangladesh

Contact Us: +8801823-071-132, +8801823-071-136

Zaman Sea Heights

Average Price list:

Deluxe double room: BDT 2,383

Deluxe Double or Twin Room: BDT 3,971

Address: New Beach Rd, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1775-917131

Hotel Coral Reef

Price list:

Economy (N/Ac)  BDT 2500.00

Deluxe Double (one Couple Bed) BDT 3750.00

Premier Twin ( 2- Single Beds ) BDT 3125.00

Executive Suite( One Bed & one Living room )  BDT 60000.00

Address: Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar, Plot # 47, Block # B, Kalatali

Phone: +880 1825-923982

Hotel Mishuk

Price list:

Standard Twin Room: BDT 1,271

Deluxe Double Room (2 Adults + 1 Child) BDT 3,574

Standard Quadruple Room  BDT 1,747

Address: Laboni Beach Rd, 4700 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1715-946471

Hotel Sea Crown

price list:

Economy Deluxe 4,000/-

Super Deluxe 5,500/-

Sea Front Deluxe 7,000/-

Address: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1715-042797

Hotels at Kuakata:

Hotel Banani Palace

Price list:

AC Twin V.I.P – BDT 3500 / Night

AC Couple V.I.P – BDT 3500 / Night

Non AC Twin – BDT 1850 / Night

Non AC Couple – BDT 1850 / Night

Address: Barisal – Patuakhali Rd, Kuakata, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1713-674192

Hotel Kuakata Inn

Price list:

Economy Double: 1800.00 BDT

Economy Family: 2175.00 BDT

Deluxe Double AC: 2675.00 BDT

Address: Kuakata 8652, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1916-679916

Sagor Konna Resort Ltd

Address: Kuakata, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1713-959551

Hotel Sea Queen

Address: Rakhain Mahila Market Rd, Latachapli, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1781-768193

Kuakata Grand Hotel & Sea Resort

Price list:

Standard deluxe: 16,000 bdt

Deluxe: Tk. 19920++ / night

Address: Sabirul Way, Kuakata Grand Hotel, Kuakata 8600, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1789-786162

Hotel Sky Palace Ltd.

Price list:

Twin Bed Non AC- 1400 BDT

Couple Bed Non AC- 1200 BDT

Twin Bed AC-  2500 BDT

Address: Kuakata Parjatan Area, Latachapli, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 2-7100590

Hotels at St. martin’s island

Neel Digante Resort

Price list:

Nipobon Cottage- Tk. 2500/ Night

Toru Chhaya Cottage–Tk. 3000/ Night

Chhaya Bithee Cottage-Tk. 3500/ Night

Austachal Cottage-Tk. 4500/ Night

Address: Konapara, Saint Martin’s Island 4762, Bangladesh.

Hotel Diamond Sea Resort

Contact:  +8801753817449, +8801720689297

Hotel sea Inn

Reservation no.- Hotel: 01722-109670, 01735-581251

Music Eco resort

Contact info:




Coral View Resort

address:  House: 36 Road:03, O.R.Nizam Road R/A, Chittagong

contact info:  +880-1980-004777

Hotel Resources in Some Tourist Spots What You’re Insanely Looking for!

CTB Resorts St. Martin

Price list:

Deluxe Couple-Ground Floor- 1800.00 BDT

TWIN Bed – 2000.00 BDT

Deluxe Couple (1st Floor)- 2500.00 BDT

Address: West Beach, Narikel Zingira, St. Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Contact info: +880 1811-640391

Hotel Blue Marine Resorts St.Martin

Price list:

Deluxe Room-Triple – 2500.00 BDT

Cottage- Five Bed- 3000.00 BDT

Tent-8 Bed- 3500.00 BDT

Address: Delpara, Narikel Zingira,St. Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1817-060065

Hotel Prince Heaven St. Martin

Price list:

Couple bed- 3000.00 BDT

Four Bed- 3300.00 BDT

Address:  Delpara, St. Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Ratnodeep Resort St. Martin’s Island

Price list:

Tent- 1500.00 BDT

Cottage (Bamboo & Wood Made)-  3333.00 BDT

Deluxe Room3600.00 BDT

Address:  St. Martin’s Island Teknaf Cox’s bazar,St. Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shemana Pereye Resort St. Martin’s Island

Price list:

Brick Cottage – 2200.00 BDT

Wooden Cottage- 2500.00 BDT

Bamboo Cottage-2700.00 BDT

Address: Konarpara, Saint Martin, Teknaf, St. Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh


Hotel Green Castle

Price list:

Single Bed Non AC- Regular price: BDT 400

Twin Bed Non AC- BDT 750

Deluxe AC- BDT 1600

Address: N 106, Bangladesh

Phone:+880 1929-595842

Needs Hill View

Price list:

Single Non AC – 900.00 BDT

Single A/C-1350.00 BDT

Twin/Couple AC- 1913.00 BDT

Triple Bed Suite-2250.00 BDT

Address: Banorupa, N 106, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1833-360333

Hotel Dream Way (Residential)

Price list:

Couple room- 1,300.00 BDT

Twin room- 1,400.00 BDT

4 bed- 3,000.00 BDT

Address: Taxi Stand, Rangamati, Reserve Bazar Rd, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1819-868533

Hotel Diamond

Price list:

Single- 858.00 BDT

Double bed – 1,714.00 BDT

Couple bed -1,714.00 BDT

Twin bed- 1,714.00 BDT

Address: Old Bus Stand, Rangamati,, N 106, 4500, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 351-63829

Jam Jam Guest House

Price list:

Single bed- 1,200.00 BDT

Couple bed- 1,400.00 BDT

Double bed – 2,000.00 BDT

Address: Launch Ghat, Reserve Bazar, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Hotel Mountain View

Price list:

Couple bed- 1,600.00 BDT

Double bed- 1,868.00 BDT

Deluxe double bed non. Ac- 2,000.00 BDT

Address: Siddi Bhaban, Textile market, Parjatan road, Tabalchari, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Hotel Mehedi

Price list:

Twin bed 1,600.00 BDT

Twin bed AC- 3,200.00 BDT

Three bed Ac- 5,000.00 BDT

Address: 4500, Rangamati 4500, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 351-61101

Hotel Anika

Price list:

Single – 700.00 BDT

Double- 1,600.00 BDT

3 bed non AC- 2,400.00 BDT

Couple AC- 3,000.00 BDT

Address: Reserve bazar, Main Road, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Hotel Al Moba

Price list:

Deluxe couple- 2,100.00 BDT

Deluxe twin AC- 2,500.00 BDT

Address: New Bus Stand,Reserve Bazaar,Rangamati,, N 106, 4500, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 351-61959

Hotel Modhumita

Price list:

Couple- 858.00 BDT

Two bed- 1,058.00 BDT

Three bed – 1,716.00 BDT

Address: Reserve Bazar main road, Rangamati, Bangladesh


Hotel Purabi (Res.)

Price list:

Single room- 934.00 BDT

Double room- 1,600.00 BDT

Couple room- 1,600.00 BDT

Address: V.I.P. Road ,Bandarban Shador,Bandarban, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1856-699910

The Paradise Hotel and Restaurant

Price list:

Couple bed AC room- 4,000.00 BDT

8 bed room- 10,000.00 BDT

Address: Shere Bangla nogor road, Bandarban 32259, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 361-62100

Green Peak Resort

Price list:

Standard room- 8,500.00 BDT

Deluxe room- 10,000.00 BDT

Premier room- 11,500.00 BDT

Address: Meghla (Opposite to TTC), Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1758-554466

Holiday Inn Resort

Price list:

Couple  Chimbuk- 3,000.00 BDT

Arjuntala ground floor-4,000.00 BDT

Keokradong- 4,000.00 BDT

Wood and spice- 5,000.00 BDT

Address: Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1929-595842

Meghla Parjatan Motel

Price list:

Double room noon ac- 4,000.00 BDT

Double room- 6,400.00 BDT

Deluxe twin- 8,000.00 BDT

Address: Meghla Lake Square, Talukder Para, Meghla, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Hotel Plaza Bandarban

Price list:

Deluxe standard- 1150.00 BDT(non ac)

                               -2300.00 BDT(AC)

Two single- 2800.00 BDT (AC)

                     -1500.00 BDT (non AC)

Address: Ward # 07, Army Para, Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Hillside Resort Milonchhori

Price list:

Dahuk1-one people- 5,626.00 BDT

-2 people- 6,750.00 BDT

Dahuk1- one people- 5,626.00 BDT

-2 poeple- 6,750.00 BDT

Address: Bandarban-Thanchi Rd, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1730-045083

Hotel Hill Queen Bandarban

Price list:

3 bed non- ac- 3,200.00 BDT

Couple bed ac- 5,000.00 BDT

5 bed non ac- 5,000.00 BDT


Upozila Shopping Complex, Main Road, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Contact for Booking : +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911

Hotel River View Bandarban

Price list:

DORMITORY ( NON A/C)- 1800bdt

Cottage non ac- 1800 bdt

Standard A/C – 3000bdt

DELUXE (A/C)- 3500bdt

Address: Sodok O Jonopod Rd, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 361-62707

Venus Resort, Bandarban

Price list:

Couple bed- 3000bdt


Address: Venus Resort, Meghla, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy, 4600, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1856-699911

Hotel Green Land, Bandarban

Price list:

Couple bed- 1000.00 BDT

Twin Bed- non AC- 1000 BDT

3 Single Bed- 1500 BDT

Address: Z1811, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1845-995575

Hotel Hill View Bandarban

Price list:

Deluxe couple non a/c:4,560.00 BDT

Executive non- ac: 5,574.00 BDT

Deluxe couple A/c : 6,588.00 BDT

Executive A/C: 8,868.00 BDT

Address: BANDARBAN MAIN ROAD, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 361-62035

Hotel Sangu

Price list:

Couple + Couple Bed Non AC- 2400tk /night

Normal suit: 1800tk

Couple Bed Non AC: 1500tk

Twin bed non a/c :  1,700tk

Address: Sangu Residential Hotel, Don Bosco High School Road, Jadi Para, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Phone Number : +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911

** The quality of this hotel has gone down. No working boys or no food management system in this hotel due to some king-tenants problem.

Hotel Paharika

Price list:

Single bed non ac- 1,600.00 BDT

Double bed non a/c- 2,934.00 BDT

3 bed non a/c- 3,734.00 BDT

Double bed a/c- 4,000.00 BDT

Address: Caowl Bazar Rd, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1929-595842

Hotel Purbani


Single- 800bdt

Double/Couple- 1400bdt

Group Bed- 2200bdt

Address: V.I.P. Road, Bandarban Shador, Bandarban, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Phone:+880 1856-699910

Nilgiri Hill Resort

Address: Bandarban – Thanchi Rd, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1769-299999

Khagrachari :

Giri Thebar Resort

Reference of defence is required!

Address:  Khagrachari Cantonment,  Chittagong

Hotel Gairing

Price list:

Super Deluxe-Tk.900.00/Night

Family Suite- Tk.1600.00/Night

Family Suite-Tk.1000.00/Night

Super Deluxe-Tk.1200.00/Night

Address: Khagrachhari, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 371-61041

Ecochari Inn Hotel

Price list:

Double Bed Non AC-1500.00 BDT

Double bed AC-2308.00 BDT

4 Bed AC-3115.00 BDT

4 Bed Non AC- 2538.00 BDT

Address: Khagrapur, East Gate of Khagrachari Cantonment, Khagrachhari, Bangladesh

Contact info: +88037162625

Hotel Noor (Residential)

Price list:

Single bed: 600tk

Couple bed 1000tk

Twin bed: 1200tk

Address: Amin Market (opposite of town hall) court road, Khagrachari Sadar.

Contact info: 01555-778899

National and International booking zone for the hotel:

For Cox’s Bazar


Here you’ll get the list of cheap hotels and the best hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Add your check in time and check out time and you’ll see the price on that particular time period.


You can book the hotels from this website. Insert the expected check-in and check-out date and find out your reasonable hotels to stay at night.

3. Hotel combined

Insert your check in and check out time here. You’ll get the hotel name with the BDT price per night. You can also compare with the other websites to ensure whether taking much price or not.


Enter the date and get the expected hotel according to your affordable price.

Enter the date and get the USD price of the hotel available within the dates.

Enter the date and the range of your budget you’ll get the list of the hotels available.

Google map

Here you can see in details of the hotels, ratings, price, location, etc. it’s very helpful indeed. Heer is the list of the hotels. You can select each hotel individually and get more information in a second.

Have a clear view on the hotels in one place very easily, quickly and conveniently.

For St.Martin


Here the list of the hotels and price per night is mentioned. Just insert the tour date and find the hotels with reasonable price.


You’ll get the top resort in St. Martin here. You’ll get the address, contact information and email ID over there. You’ll also find the price of the resort per night.

Google Map

Have a look on the hotels near St. Martin beach.

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