12 Characteristics of a Healthy Family Responsibility

From the childhood, we are accustomed to the word ‘Family,’ the fundamental institute of human life. Obviously, it means a lot in our life. But now I am going to ask you, do you think it’s healthy? Can you share everything with your family? Do you have respect from the inner side? Are you satisfied with your family? And finally are you happy with your family?

I’ve gathered some characteristics of a healthy family, what they do, how they do and all the things are related to it are included in it. So let’s see what the characteristics are.


In most of the family, you can see that children are not communicating with the father properly. After the long tiring day, the father sits in front of the TV for news and all, and children are taught not to disturb them at that time. This is the beginning of the communication gap.
The healthy family teaches positive and meaningful communication. In spite of the long day work, they sit down and enjoy to communicate with their kids. You’ll believe it or not; it’s lively and fresh to communicate with your children than to communicate with your colleagues and boss with a fake smile 24/7.
In the healthy family, as the children are used to with open conversation and communication, they don’t hesitate to let them know what is going on in their life. In the family, no opinion is disrespected, no thought is underestimated and no question is considered inappropriate.
To understand your mom and dad or your children, try to understand them. It’s possible when you are communicating with each other.
For a serious family issue, have a meeting to discuss openly.


Respect is an important issue for the healthy family. Family members have their own personalities, interests, and qualities. So you should have the proper respect towards each of the members. Everyone plays an important role in the family. So without respect, it’s impossible to maintain a healthy family.

The characteristic of a healthy family is to teach the children how to show respect and at the same time how to get respect.

Children also learn how to respect to their parents from the school. So they learn it. But the problem is many parents don’t show respect to their kids as they are little. But this is wrong. If you don’t give respect to your child, you can’t expect respect from them as they are fond of imitation. Again in many families, it is seen that spouses are fighting all the time and no respect at all for each other. Definitely it has bad impact on your children. So don’t only teach them but also develop yourself to show them. Then they’ll get encouraged to show proper respect to all other members in full swing!


‘Always be together at well and woe’ this is the commitment of the healthy family. Difficulties, trials, troubles and disagreements these are parts of our life. You can’t avoid them. Sometimes the life gets frantic. So what you can do is to fight together.
Never give up if the circumstances go against you. In the healthy family, each member has the consistent dedication to staying together. When the things seem impossible, it’s commitment which will carry you through the hard times.
The family should get the first priority in every aspect. No outside activities should get preference over family.

Quality time

The healthy family admits that for quality time, you need sufficient quantity. The characteristics of a healthy family are, they enjoy doing activities together. Like having a meal together, playing games and sports, going out for a picnic, spending holidays together.
When quality time is spent, their bonding becomes strong and love, affection, and respect grow in parallel.

Safe environment

Healthy family ensures a safe and healthy environment where opinions, dreams, wishes, thoughts, and feelings can be stated without being shamed slammed and belittled and criticized.

Good manners

Healthy family teaches courtesy like thank you, welcome, sorry, please, etc. it can get you away from meaningless misunderstanding, arguments, etc. They appreciate and apologize at the time of need. They apologize and also receive forgiveness. Hence, they become closer.
So grow this habit for you and for your children to avoid unnecessary explanation and arguments.


The healthy family maintains spirituality. They teach their children what is right and what is wrong. Spirituality is important for growing the spiritual being inside you. It’s needed to make moral choices.

Sibling relationship

The characteristics of a healthy family are, they look after the sibling relationship. They nourish it with great care. The parents encourage and motivate to work together, share their food, solve together and play together so that a friendly sibling relationship grow. This way their bonding get closer and you can guarantee a lifelong relationship among them.


The healthy family teaches to be accountable to the family for their work. It’s not about tracking or stalking your children’s activities but to teach them to inform where they were or on what work they got stuck and got late at home. It’ll help to grow your trust and confidence.

Be updated with the counseling skill

There are ups and downs in life. So there can be a family crisis. The healthy family can cope with the situation. They can find solutions to their problem. But sometimes they may also get confused what to do. In that time they depend on other solution by keeping themselves updated with the counseling skill. So the problem gets solved easily.

Encouragement and Admiration

These two terms are different. Encouragement means what people do and admiration is who you are. Both are necessary for personal confidence and development. Both inspire and motivate the family members to give better output in the next time. This will help you to discover who you are and what quality you do have.

Freedom, Mercy, and Kindness

You are free to fly like a bird. Think different, do different and have a different perspective. It’s your freedom. New idea, new theory, a new solution, all come through the freedom of thinking. You are welcome to fail as it’s the pillar of success. Failure is the blessing in disguise.
So the healthy family teaches them to be free and ensure individual’s freedom and respect new thought, a new solution, and a beginning of a new trend in the family. Again, they also show mercy and kindness to recover from the weakness, failure, and faults.

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