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Try a little bit every day for learning a new thing

December 14, 2016

try a little bit every day

“Never stop dreaming,
never stop believing,
never give up,
never stop trying, and
never stop learning.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When you start learning anything new, find it hard to continue? Or when you’re crammed with lots of work, learning a new thing seems like cracking a joke?

Maybe it is. But in spite of having a tight schedule, you can learn a new thing or develop your skill, “If” you try a little bit every day.

Trying a little bit every day and keeping the consistency might seem tough sometimes but you need to know the tricks and techniques to bring a big difference in your life.

Not a big change but change it little by little, learn it little by little. That’s all you need to do. Just try to keep the melody of your life. Don’t break it up.

Then after some days you’ll notice what you’ve done!

1. Ask yourself “Why”

ask why for trying a little bit everyday


When we get motivated, we start the work as soon as we can. But this energy level goes down as the time passes by.

It happens to everyone. Every motivational speaker also faces this problem.


What’s the difference between them and us?

They take a pause and ask “why”.

“Why I am doing this?”
“Why I want to do it?”
What’s the purpose of doing it?


When the things get tough to continue every day, and you want to give up, ask yourself “why?”.

When you get the answer and get the reason behind doing the work, you’ll calm down, your inner mind will calm down.

Persuade your mind by your thought!

2. Start with small dose!

small dose

Let, you’re trying to learn a new skill, or you want to start a new task along with the existing one or you want to exercise every day.

What happens in most of the cases?

With the already works left to finish, thinking about another new work is a tough one for today.

But we want to do it.

What do we do? We start the exercise on the first day very well. Again, some of us go for an hour or two for a first few days and all the inspiration, motivation, desire everything is gone after few days.

Instead of doing it in a huge chunk, it’s better to start with a small dose.
For example- you want to exercise. So try it for 5 minutes. To do exercise only 5 minutes a day is not a big deal. There’s no way to excuse that you don’t get 5 minutes a day.
You’re trying to learn a new skill, let, for example- you’re trying to learn HTML code.

As you’ve already tight schedule, you find it very hard to get some time out of it to learn something new or develop your skill which is very important especially for any freelance worker.

So every day keep 5 minutes to develop your skill on any particular sector.
Though you’re thinking 5 min is very less and it’s not going to bring any output but it’ll! If you try 5 mins every day, what’ll be the total mins in a month?

5*30=150 minutes=2.5hours
And in a year?
5*360=1,800min= 30 hours

Do you think, you’ll learn nothing spending 30 hours on any particular topic? That’s quite impossible.

If you can make a habit of learning 5 minutes every day, then increase your time slowly. Add 2 more minutes with 5 minutes. Slowly increase it more and keep this practice every day. Again if you can’t do more, at least keep 5 minutes for the learning.

Then you’ll be able to keep consistency without giving any break.

This is the way you’re creating the environment to practice every day.

3. Repeat


Once you establish your habit, repeat it daily. Practice to repeat every day.

Yes, I know that it gets hard sometime to do the works daily and continue it for every day. Sometimes you’ve to go against your mind and let your mind know that what you’re doing is only for you, only for your better outcome.

When it gets hard to continue, do it only for 5 minutes, the way in which you started at first.

If your regular practice is 20 minutes or half an hour, do it only 5 minutes to keep the continuity.

Be patient with the process, and you’ll see the big difference by yourself. When you’ll be strong to keep you go on for any work, you’ll feel that your thought has gone over your mind.

You’re no more slave of your mind rather moving on with your conscious thought.
In this way, you can achieve any small to big things in life. By then, you’ll get what is called success in life, how to achieve your life.

With small steps, you’ll be able to move forward with bigger steps in future life. With small achievement, you’ll learn how to achieve a big thing in your life.

As a result, from then on you’ll going to be the achiever of your life.

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