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Time management hacks- 15 tips to bring a big difference in life!

November 28, 2016
time management

“Never underestimate yourself, you’re much more than you think.”

-Sandeep Maheshwari
(founder and CEO of

When everyone is running after works, time management is a big issue. Don’t think that only you’re facing the problem with time management rather 80% people are suffering from this problem nowadays.

If you think that time management is tough, it’ll really going to be a tough one for you. Rather take it lightly but consciously.
Managing time doesn’t mean that you’ll squeeze as many tasks as you possibly can into your to-do list. But it means something different. Learn to simplify your work. Do less with good output little by little with less stress.

Time management means to arrange your schedule in such a way that you’ve time for people, play and rest along with your work.
Work smarter, not harder! Control your will power and have control over your mind than letting the mind to control over you. Don’t kill time rather learn to manage it effectively which result in happier and stress-free life.

1.Make plan and organize your time

Don’t let the time to control you rather gain control over the time!

Take time to make a plan. Your proper time management depends on proper planning. So, if it fails, your time management will fail. Organize in the way that you feel comfortable. Don’t cram your list with over works which are merely impossible to finish. Hence, forget ‘should’ and organize in your own way so that you can complete.

2.Set Goals and focus

set goal

Set goals which are measurable, realistic and achievable. The goals give you the proper direction of your life if you can spend your time in that way. Set goals which can “stretch” you but not “break” you.

When your goal setting is done then focus. Focus on your goal. No matter what distracts in your life, only focus can keep you going forward. It’ll let you stop to get distracted from the surrounding environment.

3.Priority goes first

It’s the golden rule of time management hacks. At first find out the most important tasks which are going to be the valuable 20%. Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto first noted the 80-20 Rule which defines the 80% of the reward comes from the 20% of the effort. Each day identify 2-3 tasks that are most crucial to complete.

Once you identify the priority, you have to remember it all the time. So flag items with the deadline or prioritize by color, number or letter so that you can remember always.

4.Learn how to say “No”

say no


You can’t finish all your entire work in a day. So say “No” to the work that’s not possible to complete by today. Otherwise, you’ll make a false commitment, and at the end of the day, you’ll lose your faith in commitment.

Just make that commitment for which you can manage time otherwise, decline the opportunity.

5. To-do list

Some like to make a to-do list. They make it either on the previous day or at the start of your work in the morning. Some make “running” to-do list which is updated time to time where others make the fixed list in the morning.

Try the way which works for you. Again you can use both alternatively to remove monotony. So don’t be afraid to try new thing.

6.Similar tasks together

If you’ve similar kind of tasks, do it consecutively. Because it’ll speed up your time.
For the different task, you need the different type of thinking. So it’s logical to do the similar kind of work in a batch.

7.Stop doing Procrastination

Stop the habit of procrastination. It’s much nicer and less stressful to start your work early. Starting the work earlier can offer you lots of time to finish your job! Your work is to decide it firmly and do accordingly.

It works differently for different people. Suppose someone can manage it by themselves. Some study by their own way to stop procrastination. On the other hand, some feel comfortable to have a group study which can make them possible to avoid procrastination.

8.Practice daily 7-8 hours of sleep

sound sleep
Don’t underestimate the value of your sleep. Some sacrifice their sleep thinking that it’ll boost your productivity. But it exactly does the opposite. Maybe in one day, you can complete lots of work, but after a few days of incomplete sleep, you’ll not feel better, and your productivity goes down.

Mostly people need 7-8 hours of sleep for their bodies and mind to function in the best possible way. So don’t stress yourself unnecessarily and listen to your body.

9.What’s your “biological prime time”?

Know about your productive time. When can you give the best output? Or when is the time, your brain work most? Are you a “morning bird” or a “night owl”? Which one?

Know your best time and try to use that hour so that you can provide better output in your work.

10. Effectiveness and efficiency

“Doing the right thing is more important than doing things right.”
-Peter Drucker (Management Expert)

He explained it in this way that doing the right thing is effectiveness where doing things right is your efficiency. At first determine your right thing then do the things right.

11. No need to be perfect every time

Stop being a perfectionist! Unnecessary attention to details will result in procrastination.
Do the work and do it attentively. That’s it. You can’t be perfect in everything in your life.

12.Do less

Step ahead little by little. If you find any work boring or tough, break it into small pieces and complete just one piece of work. Again set the time that you’ll finish this small amount within 10 or 15 minutes. That’s it. This is known as the “Swiss cheese” method by Alan Lakein.

When you see that you are finishing the pieces part by part, you’ll eventually want to finish it to the end. And the work that seemed so difficult gets easy by that time.

In this way, you can do lots of tough work stress-free and tension free.

Do less thing creates more value than more things that are empty inside.

That’s why there goes a proverb-

“Better a small fish than an empty dish”

13.Healthy food and exercise

You need to “be healthy and eat healthy” in your whole life because it has the connection with the work productivity.

Health is the best wealth. If you’ve health, you’ve everything. You can do anything effectively. Otherwise, all are wastes! To keep your body healthy do exercise regularly and eat healthy food. Not the junk food which kills our body slowly. For the healthy diet you can check the health and nutritious diet food.

It’ll boost your energy level, fresh your mind and permit you to focus more easily.

14.Time for stillness

Don’t rush every time unnecessarily. Take a pause and deep breath. Practice stillness. Only rushing for the works will not give you the best result. But there is the time when you need to be stop and still.

Keep some time for silence and non-motion. It’ll make you anxiety free and bring peace inside you. You’ll also find your work interesting.

15. Celebrate

Celebrate your achievement. There’re some people who keep celebration for future in their life, maybe 1 year later or 2 years later. And when that day comes, they can’t still celebrate at that moment. How pathetic the thing is!

Like the work, don’t keep your celebration for tomorrow as the celebration and work both balances our life.

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