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The Floating Market of Guava: Floating Beauty in Bangladesh

December 8, 2016
guava floating market

Have you ever seen the beauty of the floating market where the boatman carrying all the fruits and food, sails in the river and marketing it to the people?

Maybe the floating market in the foreign country bewitches you with the beauty. Crystal clear water, good looking people everywhere, nice and soothing environment seem like enchantment for you.


Do you know that we’ve also got the floating market in our country? It’s similar to the floating market in Thailand. This market gets crowded during the Guava season, and you’ll see the largest floating hut during July, August, and September.

Location of the market:

You can find the hut on the southern part of Barisal, in the district Jhalkathi and Swarupkathi. Among them, the most popular are Vimruli, Atghor (eight room) and Kuriana bazaar. Among three places, the Vimruli is the main floating hut for guava. Atghor is for floating vegetable market, and Kuriana bazaar is for floating boat market.

You’ll find the Vimruli hut at the estuary of 3 canals. The channel is open and wide.

guava floating market 2


Every day a few thousand tons of guava is sold and bought during guava season. People mainly the wholesalers come here to buy guava from the distant places. The farmers bring the guava directly from the river adjacent orchard and trade to the wholesalers of different regions. Hence, every year in this month a few hundred crores of guava are produced and marketed outside.

You’ll see many visitors coming here only to see the aesthetic view of the floating market.

source: Journey To Bangladesh

The best time to go:

The season of Guava is from July to September. So come here within these months. You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh and delicious guava and at the same time have the experience of a very big guava hut in Bangladesh.

how to go:

You can go in different ways, but the best one is to go by launch.

Way to Jhalkathi by launch:

You can find 2 launches namely- “MV Tipu” and “MV Sundarban2” which leave from Sadarghat at 6pm in the evening.

  • For double cabin, the fare is 1,800tk
  • single cabin, 1000tk
  • 200tk each in the Deck

Jhalkathi by steamer:

From Sadarghat, the rocket steamers of BIWTA like- “PS Mahmud,” “PS Ostrich”, “PS Lepcha” and “PS Turn” leave for Jhalkhati at 6pm.
The cost for –

  • 1st class cabin- 1,250tk
  • 2nd class cabin- 760tk
  • 3rd class deck- 190tk


Guava Bazar through Hularhat by launch:

You can go to Hularhat launch from Dhaka Sadarghat. Every day at 7-8pm, 3-4 launches leave for Hularhat. You’ll reach Banari Para in the next morning.

The launch fare is 100-180 tk. Single cabin 900tk and double cabin 1800 tk.

At Banari para you need to hire a trawler which will cost in between 1500-2000tk. Tell the launch man to bring you directly to the Vimrul hut because it’s the biggest floating Guava bazar in Bangladesh. It’ll take an hour and a half to reach there.

When you reach there, just watch the scenery of the floating Guava Bazar. Observe the people there and the seller, how they are bargaining with customers. When it’s 1 o’clock in the noon, go to the boat bazaar near 8 room school. You can take you shower there.

Next, go to the Kuriyana Bazar. Have your lunch there and board on the boat which leaves for Banari para or Nesarabad. so, from both places, you can hire a bus for Barisal.

You can go to “Guthia mosque” on the way and if you want to go to “Durga sagar lake”, hire an auto. Next, you’ll go to Barisal from where the launch leaves for Dhaka at 8:30-9pm.

Journey by bus

From Barishal:

From Rupabati Bustand of Barishal hire Dhanshiri paribahan for khula. Tell the helper to drop you at the Kirtipasha junction. The bus fare will be 60tk. Finally,  you can reach Vimrul by shared auto at 20-30tk from there.

From Dhaka:

Sakura paribhaban and their AC bus also go to Jhalkathi from Gabtali of Dhaka. The fare is 800tk.
· Druti
· Eagle
· Shurobvi
· Sakura non-AC bus
Also go there with bus fare 350-450 TK.

Besides, you can hire “Shugandha paribhaban” from Syedabad for Jhalkathi Sadar. From the Sadar half an hour to go to the hut by motorbike. If you board on engine boat, it’ll take 1 hour to reach.

It’s better to hire a boat for whole day costing 1,500- 2000tk, and it’ll be the best option rather than the motorbike.

Where to eat:

Go to Kuriana Bazar after exploring Vimrul hut. You’ll get a hotel named “Shokal Shondha” which is locally known as “Boudir Hotel.”
Here the cooking is excellent and the dishes are delicious. You’ll get fresh fish and rice for eating.

If you’re in a group of many people like 10-20 people, you need to order beforehand. But if you’re in a small group, you won’t need to wait for food.

Again, you can get back to district headquarters and have your lunch.

Where to stay:

Firstly, you can travel whole day and get back to home in the evening. If you want to stay there, you can rely on the normal hotel of the town.
The hotels that you can find here are:

  • Arafat boarding at Batasha Potti
  • Dhanshiri Rest House at Kalibari Road
  • Halima Boarding at the Sadar Road

It’ll cost you only 100-250tk.

Again, if you’re looking for a new experience, you can stay at the hotel near the river bank of the hut. That’s going to be a great one I guess!

guava floating market 3
But if you want to stay at a better place, at the better hotel, go to Barisal Sadar and stay at any place near Notullabad.


The floating market appears as the center of beauty in Barisal. No one can tell when this floating market business started. It’s 100-year-old tradition.

Let it be old more where the scenic beauty will ever attract you and never going to perish though the guava perishes when the season ends. It’s ever charming and remind you of our riverine beauty of the country, Bangladesh.

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