January with its mean 62oF is the coldest month of the winter season which lasts from about the end of November to the middle of February. The mean minimum temperature of this month is 49.6oF which is also the lowest record of the country. But the lowest temperature ever recorded in Bangladesh was 34oF on February 3, 1905.

The January average maximum is 75.4oF. The mean minimum temperature varies from 49.6oF in January to 78.9oF in July giving a range of 29.3oF. July is the hottest month in Dinajpur with the mean monthly temperature of 84oF, while the mean maximum is 94.3oF. the distribution of average temperature from May to September is almost uniform, the variation being 0.9oF. the temperature during this period is expected to be higher, but it is tempered by heavy downpours.