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A Short Trip to Mini Cox’s Bazar: Moinot Ghat

October 26, 2016

Moinot Ghat

Photo credit: Ashikun Nobi Nobin

Adventurous people love backpacking to remote areas. They trigger a risky place to get the full flavor of adventure. But there are a few people who are travel lover but not adventurous. These people used to crowd different restaurants or food courts a few years ago due to lack of places to visit in or near Dhaka.

Recently this trend is changing. Crazy people are now discovering many places near Dhaka to relax and to heal the heart from boredom and busy life. Considering the money, time and distance, today I’ll talk about the recently discovered place, named Moinot Ghat. It’s popularly known as mini cox’s bazar.

Recently I had a trip to this Moinot Ghat. I loved the serpentine road, fresh air to breath in, the cold water to soothe my body and mind and finally a day well spent!

If you want to witness the mesmerizing ambiance, melodious sound of the water wave, sunrise, and sunset, you can have a short trip to Moinot Ghat. It’s located in Dohar Upazila of Nawabgonj near Dhaka.

How to go

If you want to go there, hire a bus of Jamuna Paribahan near Gulistan at 90 TK. It’ll take 2- 2:30 hours to reach the destination. Besides, you can go for a personal car to travel Moinot Ghat and all other places of Nawabgonj.

I went there by private car with my family.  My route was different. My route was,

Mohammadpur-Bosila bridge-Atibazar-Keraniganj-Nowabganj town-Kartikpur 

On the way, what I experienced was beyond explanation. The serpentine road, the fresh air in the morning, 2-3 sloping road like the playground slide, the vast green field miles after miles all of the things were very refreshing. It helped me to forget the tired and wearisome chores of everyday life.

Special food

  • Don’t miss to eat Hilsha fish there. Many even love to eat fish caught directly from the river.
  • You’ll get only 2 hotels who sell rice. The hotels are Atahar Chowdhury’s hotel and hotel of Julhash Bhuiyan.
  • You’ll find traditional sweet in Kartikpur. So don’t miss to taste it. Ranjit and Niranjan mishtannovandar are popular for their quality of the sweets.

on the ghat

Image Description: on the ghat and at the back there was a hotel for lunch

Enjoy boat ride

If you want to float in the Padma River, a reserved boat rent is around Tk 2000 – Tk 1000. You can hire a trawler which will reduce the rent to Tk 500-1000. If you look for small engine to explore, the fare is  Tk 300-600  for one hour. You can go to Faridpur’s Charbhadrasan Upazilla from Moinot Ghat which will cost tk 160per person.

When you’ll arrive at the moinot ghat, you will see only a ghat. But the reason it’s called mini Cox’s Bazar is due to the “Chor” which you can think like a beach, a small beach. To go there, you have to hire a boat. I hired a trawler for 600tk per hour. They fix the fare in the way like, it’ll take 20 minutes to reach to the “Chor” and 20 minutes to return back. So the rest 20 minutes you’ll enjoy in the beach. It’s better to go with many people together since it’ll cost you less in total for sharing the fare with others. Again you can stay there more than 1 hour with less money which was not possible if you were alone.

boat ride

Image Description: Trawler at the Ghat

boat ride 1

Image Description: My father

on the way to the mini beach, inside the trawler

Experience in the Beach

Finally, I caught the beautiful site of the mini beach. When I went there it was noon. So the weather was hot. But as I dipped my foot in the water, it was like pacifying. With the sudden cold water, I felt a shiver down my spine.

The depth of the water varies in different places In some places it’s very deep. Again, in some places it’s shallow.

Don’t expect big for the mini beach. It’ll only give the feeling of a beach but not that big feeling what you expect for any big sea beach. There is also  good water waves you can experience here.

on the beach

 Image Description: My father on the mini beach

Night stay

As it’s a new tourist spot, so there is no accommodation facility near the ghat unless you can manage any locals for night stay. So return back within sunset.


Rainy season is the best time to visit Moinot Ghat. The crystal clear water will bewitch you. You can take your shower with cold and soothing water.It’ll moisten your body and mind. It’ll make you lively, refreshed and evergreen. If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go very deep because the waves remain strong.

You can also visit Ukil bari, Jahaj Bari, Khelaram Kotha and many travel spots in Nawabgonj along with the beach. Finally, it’s our asset. So don’t throw food packets and garbage here and there. Don’t pollute the environment.

You can have a short trip to this Moinot Ghat. Keep it in your next travel list as soon as you get your holiday!


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