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The Sea of Stars: A Glowing Fantasy in Maldives

January 3, 2017
sea of stars

Think of a night you’re walking by the side of a sea, only you and the sea which is glowing brightly in the blue light. The more you’re walking forward, the more the cold air is touching your face, and when you’re trying to take a handful of water, it’s getting away through the finger’s gap with the own beauty of its brightness.

Yes.I am not talking about any dream. You can experience this mesmerizing view lying on the beach of Maldives.

Credit: Avrilia Anggraeni

Why do you see the blue light?

The “ sea of stars ” is mainly bioluminescence which occurs when the phytoplankton, the microscopic sea creatures release illuminating chemicals as a survival mechanism. You can see the lights when the wave breaks on the shore, or you walk barefooted through the shoreline.

When to go?

There is no fixed time to guarantee you or experiencing this beautiful glowing lights, but local people says that when the moon is thin and comes up late, then you can see this phenomenon.

Where can you see it?

You can observe this glowing sea in many islands of Maldives. But it’s mostly seen in Vadhoo island or people come here to have this picturesque view.

Vadhoo is a small island situated in Raa Atoll with 500 inhabitants.

Why go there?

This is one of the best places to relax where you can find idyllic nature, the glowing beach and hundreds of best resorts to stay at night.

Resort in Vadhoo

There are 2 resorts, operating in this region currently. These are:

Maldives is famous for shiny pearl like white sand and crystal clear water which splashes over it. It has beautiful coral gardens and humble manta rays. The sea of stars “ in another unique addition to this beauty. This glowing tide rinses the shore at night. This is absolutely a majestic beauty of wonder.


sea of stars 1


footsteps in the sea of stars

photo credit: hala065

sea of stars 2


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