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Re-ignite & Regain Your Inner Power

October 24, 2016
inner power

Life is a journey of ups and downs. Challenges come every day. They’ll try to make you down! If you have the inner power, you can fight by any means. If you want to light the darkness of your life, re-ignite your inner power.

It’s a nature to bloom when you are free. Come out of the box. Rekindle and regain your power that’s already inside you.

Listen to your guts

guts. inner power

Have faith on your gut. It’s the most powerful instinct what will drive you forward and make you move on. It makes the impossible thing possible. It’s the leading power to re-ignite and regain your inner power. It has the power to change your position, condition, and situation. It doesn’t listen to anybody rather make you desperate to make your job done by any means showing others thumbs down!


self-care, inner power

I would say, Self-care is the best care! If you don’t know how to care yourself, no one will come to help you. For example- as a patient, if you can’t tell your problem properly to the doctors, they won’t be able to treat you properly. Because before prescribing you, they ask you for the symptom or the problem you are facing. So practice self-care.

We need to take care of our body, mind, soul, mental and spiritual well-being. Get out from the status ‘busy’ and figure out what you need and need to give for yourself. Reward yourself for a small achievement like eating your favorite food or have a short trip somewhere etc. It’ll help to refresh you and regain your inner power. Otherwise, if you get furious for some silly reason or get depressed with little failure and decide to hurt your life, it’ll totally destroy you.

According to Cheryl Richardson, the writer of the book “The Art of Extreme Self-Care”, self-care is not an option rather it’s necessity.

So learn and practice to take care of yourself.

Get back to your childhood

childhood, inner power

Do you know how to play? Or already you’ve forgotten how to play!  When did you play last? Was it last in your childhood? You are driving me crazy, man! Just go out and play! Go to play in the field, keeping your mobile, tab or iPhone switched off!

You can see child wakes up every day with excitement and eager to explore the environment and it’s fun to discover new thing every day. They find joy in everything and tends to grow, learn and explore the thing they find in their new adventure.!  

Can you remember how you used to play in your childhood? Though your parents are going to yell at you, you would never stop playing until it’s getting dark outside.Go back to your funny childhood and learn to play again.

Exercise daily

exercise for inner power

One of the ways to increase your inner power is to exercise daily. Without exercise, your body and mind remain heavy like having tons of weight in your body.

Learn the art of deep breathing which will enhance your inner strength. When you get tensed the demand of oxygen increases. Again the shallow breathes also minimize the oxygen intake which is the food of our body and mind.

Maintain yoga or simple workout daily to keep your body and mind fresh and strengthen your inner power.

If you’re not healthy, you won’t get the strength to drive your mind or focus on your work.so do exercise and exhale and inhale properly for the proper amount of oxygen intake of your body.

Dare to dream again

dream, inner power

Can you remember how many dreams you had in your childhood? Rekindle that dreams, that excitement and that enthusiasm! Just dare to dream. You are that person who had belief in yourself, had passion and dream once upon a time. But what was the problem at the mid of your journey? You allowed the people and circumstances to kill your dream inside you. But No! This is very wrong. Reawaken your creativity, your passion, your dream and your enthusiasm. Let them burn in the flame for molding the real soul of yours!

Allow yourself to shift again to watch your world with a fresh set of eyes!


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