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New Zealand Para: Another Dreamland in Bangladesh!

November 30, 2016

New Zealand Para

source: latestbdnews.com

Have you ever cherished to explore New Zealand at any stage of your life? Maybe you dreamt many times in your sleep, but your dream didn’t come true.

So today I want to share with you about such a place in Bangladesh where your dream can come true for a moment! The place is called New Zealand Para.

New Zealand Para is situated 1.5 km south of “Khagrachari” town near Pankhai para. The road to go from Pankhai para to Apar Pera Chara village is known as New Zealand para. You’ll find green farmland on both sides of the road. It’s the one and only flat land in the hilly region, Khagrachari.

You can say that a slice of New Zealand has got some place in Bangladesh to give the flavor of New Zealand. Pankhai Para and a part of Pera Chara make this New Zealand para.

It’s not like you’ll go only for visiting this farmland rather you can catch the place on the way to Sajek or if you wish to visit Khagrachari you can keep it in your list along with other places.

To some people’s eye, it’s nothing but a farmland only. The beauty is in the name and the name is given for a special reason. So if anyone go there with a great expectation like the way you’ve for any see beach or some other beautiful places then it would be totally a wastage of time. So go there with small expectation. But if you can feel its importance, then definitely it’s going to be a great memorable day. The taste of watching is fully up to you.

Beauty of the “New Zealand Para”

Newzeland Para, khagrachori

You’ll fall in love seeing the intimacy of the field and hills at the back which create aesthetic beauty. On the lap of the hills, you’ll find residential area growing there. The residential home is arranged one after another, and again one over another and you can see the height of the house gradually increasing from the front side to back side. It’s something like the back houses are also peeping into the farmland observing the New Zealand para with surprise and bewitchment.

You’ll find the closeness of the field and hills inside the town. The landscape alike New Zealand. That’s why it’s named as New Zealand para by the local inhabitants.

Deep green hills, a whisper of the distant waterfall, wide and open blue sky above your head, white clouds floating in the sky, the energetic flowing of the river, beautiful moon and twinkiling star at the dark night and brightness of the sun at noon creates a harmony in nature.

The mesmerizing view is enough to make you spend your whole day sitting there as if the time standstill and you’re observing the beauty but it’s not meeting up your thirst for beauty!

How to go:

You can hire bus like- Shanti, Shamoli, Hanif and other buses to go to Khagrachari. It’ll cost almost like 520 TK. Besides, BRtc and other transports for st. Martins also go there.

From Khagrachari town, you can go to New Zealand para by CNG or Auto which will cost only 10 TK.

So when you’re visiting the beautiful place “Sajek”, you can explore New Zealand Para. Again you can also travel “Hajachara waterfall” at the same time.

Where to eat:

Here you can find traditional food of Khagrachari. Near to the town of Khagrachari, you’ll get “Restora” known as “System Restaurant” where you can find food.

You can also contact with them.



Where to stay at night:

You can find tourist motel and other of hotels of the different standard.

Tourist Motel:
When you enter the Khagrachari town, you’ll get this tourist motel crossing the Chengi River.
The cost of the cabin is-

  • Non-Ac -1300tk
  • AC service- 2100 TK
  • AC suit room 3100 TK

All the cabin comprises of 2 rooms.Though there is different provisions for AC room and Non- AC room, there’s no electricity there. The voltage gets up and down. So it’ll be wise to book the room for Non-AC as it’s all the same for electricity problem.

You can find soil made map of Bangladesh there inside when you enter the motel.

Contact: 0371-6208485

Hotel Jerin: 037161071
Hotel Lobiyot: 02556575746
The Hotel Eco-Chori Inn: It’s located beside Khagrachori cantonment in the hilly environment. This is a resort kind of hotel.
Contact: 0337-43225, 0371-62625


Source: adarbepari.com, latestbdnews.com


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