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Diyabari Photos in Uttara

January 31, 2016

Diyabari in new uttara is getting famous for a short trip for you and your family. If you have a car  and stay around Uttara then this is now common for people who love to drive during the weekend. Though the place is for driving or for learning at least as the newly built are without traffic most the time. When you come from Dhaka, the entry point at Airport circle would be very awful as the traffic will cost you 0.20-1 hour staying without any movement if you are unlucky.  Another odd point is at Khalpaar where sector-12 is ended. The Sonargaon Janpaath Avenue at Khalpaar is now totally smashed out  and your driver should be careful and to move slowly whilst crossing the bridge. But when you get in the new sectors you would feel amazing experience. During the monsoon whilst in raining Kaash forests over there are awesome to see. I didn’t see when i got there last month though.

Landing airplane seen from Diyabari

Landing airplane seen from Diyabari

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