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How to create a paperless office for small business

November 9, 2016
a paperless office

A paperless office! It was hard to think about it a few years back. But now as the majority of the operations are possible in the digital realm, so why not to make a paperless office?

Office makes a lot of paperwork, but too many papers can reduce the productivity of your business and cost your hard works and money!
To be honest, most of the paper that piles up are the physical representation of a ‘to-do’ list. So how can we reduce the clutter that drains our energy?
It’s high time to replace paper with pixels to ensure green business. I have gathered some points which can save money and time, improve security and bring a smile on customer’s face.

Modify office infrastructure

Make a budget on the larger monitor or dual monitor setup so that your staff can have access to more than one document at a time.You can reduce the wasteful printing by arranging a multi-monitor workstation. Hence, it’ll bring you a productivity boost in return.
For unavoidable paperwork, use both sides to reduce the paper usage into half the amount. Printers with duplex printing are highly reliable nowadays. Especially many mid- end printers set it as default.

Reward for paperless work

reward, a paperless office

In order to create a paperless office, you need to think about your employee who has significant contribution in your business work. Motivate them to use laptop/ phones to take notes. Discourage them to use notebooks.
Make a target and reward your employees if they can represent some works in the paperless method or in other words, digitally. So sooner or later you’ll be able to reach your goal of a paperless office.

Keep track on printing

In business, it’s hard to track from which area the printing is coming. So at first, install print audit software to keep track on printing.

Make printing complicated.

You can’t wish to have a paperless office in one day. It’s the result of many days hard work. But you can use some tricks to accelerate your target. Make the printing method in your office difficult. For example- change the printer setting to make both sides printing. Remove some printing sheets from the printer, limit the printing access for everyone, etc. again launch some innovative idea to discourage printing in your office.

Make a habit to Scan any paperwork

scan, a paperless office

Document scanners can store the paperwork in PDF format. If you find it difficult to handle, then hire a secure scanning company to do the job. Besides, the use of personal scanner increased in a manifold in the recent year.
Digitalize paper notes which is much more easy for sharing the documents. You can see Doxie Flip scanner which does the work of capturing the written notes and content which is merely impossible for the conventional sheet-fed scanner to fit through the feeder.

Go for online application

online application

Convert your paper application to online application. You can use Cloud-based applications. The benefit of this application is you don’t need to worry about the file format. Just share the data with clients and suppliers without hassle. Make a connection with cloud more so that you’ll have zero tolerance for file format and technical issue.
I can give you some resourceful cloud-based applications. These are-
Dropbox – for sharing files
Basecamp for simple project management
Paypal– for fund transfer
Evernote – for making digital note
Google Docs– for document collaboration

Electronic signature contract

electronic signature

Convert your written signature into a digital signature. In most of the countries, electronically-signed contracts are considered legally valid. For example- In the United States, the ESIGN Act of 2000 has given validity to an electronic signature contract like the hard-copy sign contract.

Focus on online banking

online banking

You can ask for paperless statements from banks and other institutions. Try to pay all the bills online so that you can decrease the use of paper checks and envelopes.
On the contrary, if you are worried about missing anything, set alert software, so that it can give you the reminder of the due bill.

Get out of old technology

In some companies still, the fax machine is used. They send and receive faxes. But it’s high time to get out of this old technology. Instead, install fax software where you can send and receive faxes as electronic documents. Thus, it’ll reduce cost and meaningless paperwork.
Again, when you go to the doctors, you can observe that they are jotting down your name and address in the notebook. Please don’t follow this method. Instead, digitize all your record in the document and thus, free some space in the office.

Scan business cards

Are you the one who is interested in joining different workshops and events? Obviously, you can see your drawer crammed with lots of business card at the end of the month. Some again buy a big folder to have the collection of that business card.
But there is a better option for storing the cards. Nowadays good mobile apps are available for scanning the cards easily. These apps use OCR technology which synchronizes the data in a logical format. As a result, you can easily search the requires card in time of need.

Paperless communication and advertisement

paperless comunication

Reduce paper advertisement. Store the catalogs online, and send electronic annual reports, brochures, newsletter, etc. through tools like- social media, Constant Contact or  advertise online.

Direct mail marketing is time-consuming and profitable. On the other hand, marketing via email is less expensive. So adopt a digital marketing strategy and send the email newsletter and outreach people via facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.
From the IDC research report sponsored by Facebook, people of age around 18-44 with iPhones or Android check the Facebook on average 14 times per day where the most of the people check the post box only once in a day.

Junk mail reduction

Do you want to deduct the junk mail from your ID? Are you getting out of order due to lots of junk piling up in your email? Sign up in the DirectMail website where they work for deleting the junk mail. Fill out the form with your business address and other information. It’ll help you to take care of what’s really important to you by vanishing the junk mail.

Invoice or POs via email

Ask the vendors to email the invoice or purchase orders (POs). In this way, you can synchronize it properly on your computer and search them quickly and easily when needed. Again you can use online accounting software, which makes it easier to send an email to the vendors directly. As a result, you can avoid a mess in the office.

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