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Top Effective Natural Cure for Cancer You Should Know

November 23, 2016
top natural cure for cancer

Recently I’ve lost one of my relative aunts suffering from breast cancer. She passed away leaving her 2 beautiful kids alone in this dreadful world. I saw how hard the life was for the kids, who had to fight every day to survive in this world without mother care. When it was the time to play, do nagging and whining with mother and again running towards mother out of fear in the darkness, they were left alone in this heartless world!

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How to create a paperless office for small business

November 9, 2016
a paperless office

A paperless office! It was hard to think about it a few years back. But now as the majority of the operations are possible in the digital realm, so why not to make a paperless office?

Office makes a lot of paperwork, but too many papers can reduce the productivity of your business and cost your hard works and money!
To be honest, most of the paper that piles up are the physical representation of a ‘to-do’ list. So how can we reduce the clutter that drains our energy?
It’s high time to replace paper with pixels to ensure green business. I have gathered some points which can save money and time, improve security and bring a smile on customer’s face.

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A Short Trip to Mini Cox’s Bazar: Moinot Ghat

October 26, 2016

Moinot Ghat

Photo credit: Ashikun Nobi Nobin

Adventurous people love backpacking to remote areas. They trigger a risky place to get the full flavor of adventure. But there are a few people who are travel lover but not adventurous. These people used to crowd different restaurants or food courts a few years ago due to lack of places to visit in or near Dhaka.

Recently this trend is changing. Crazy people are now discovering many places near Dhaka to relax and to heal the heart from boredom and busy life. Considering the money, time and distance, today I’ll talk about the recently discovered place, named Moinot Ghat. It’s popularly known as mini cox’s bazar.

Recently I had a trip to this Moinot Ghat. I loved the serpentine road, fresh air to breath in, the cold water to soothe my body and mind and finally a day well spent!

If you want to witness the mesmerizing ambiance, melodious sound of the water wave, sunrise, and sunset, you can have a short trip to Moinot Ghat. It’s located in Dohar Upazila of Nawabgonj near Dhaka.

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About Me – Mahbub Murshed

January 16, 2016

I am Mahbub Murshed, Founder of I launched this site back in 2010 and primarily wrote things on Dinajpur. I was quite convinced when i read a book on Dinajpur and her History, Written by Late Meherab Ali. It was a well informative book and then started digging more info, looked books to libraries and online materials available. I found another book ‘Dinajpur Gazateer’ written by Ashraf Siddiquee. So what information you will be found here about Dinajpur mainly sourced and rewritten from their respective books. I would be grateful on them.

For a last couple of years i was thinking to remodel this site and also wanted to move the site’s theme to a professional blog which will have a global presence, not just only to be focused on Dinajpur. So here we go. I would like to introduce other interesting facts here too. I will blog on Photography, Lifestyle, Travel here on my site.

I graduated in Computer Science from Asian University of Bangladesh in 2003 and MBA in Marketing in 2005 from Stamford University of Bangladesh.


You can reach me here to my email here : Badhonaub 2000 AT yahoo. com

Mahbub Murshed

Mahbub Murshed