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Alutila Cave: A Mysterious Dark Cave That Ever Exist!

January 15, 2017

Aulitila Cave


Many a time you saw a haunted house or haunted cave in the movie serial. But what if you get it in real life, again in the country like Bangladesh?

Yes, you get it right. We‘ve got a cave called Alutila cave which is one of the natural caves that exist in the world. But due to lack of publicity, we hardly have any idea about this place.

If you think yourself adventurous like others, get ready with backpacking to quench your thirst for a new spot!

source: Jason Baidya

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The Sea of Stars: A Glowing Fantasy in Maldives

January 3, 2017
sea of stars

Think of a night you’re walking by the side of a sea, only you and the sea which is glowing brightly in the blue light. The more you’re walking forward, the more the cold air is touching your face, and when you’re trying to take a handful of water, it’s getting away through the finger’s gap with the own beauty of its brightness.

Yes.I am not talking about any dream. You can experience this mesmerizing view lying on the beach of Maldives.

Credit: Avrilia Anggraeni

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Hotel Resources in Some Famous Tourist Spots What You’re Insanely Looking for Traveling!

December 20, 2016
hotel resources

Before getting the holiday, you dream to travel here or there and the travel list piles up in your head automatically. But when the holidays get started, you start thinking how to go, where to stay and is there any accommodation facility at all or not?

Again if you get the hotels, you don’t get it according to your budget list. So to lessen your trouble I made the hotel resources with the average budget.

Now, traveling has become a trend. So I can see many excited people counting their days for holidays. Since most of the people are young and students, who’re rushing towards the spots nowaday, so I tried to arrange from the low price to hight price of the hotel tariff  so that anybody with low budget can enjoy traveling.

Have a look and happy traveling!

Hotel Diamond Palace, Cox’s Bazar

Price list:

Couple bed for 2 person:

AC-1380 BDT /night

Non AC- 1680 BDT/night

2 separate bed:

4 person, AC- 1180tk, Non-AC-1580tk


Kalataly road, Coxs Bazar, Chittagong 4700, Bangladesh

Reservation no. :

0341-63642, 01822535001, +88 01199-738134,

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Photoblog: In & Around ShreeMongal

December 11, 2016

This post should’ve been published a month ago. It’s about Shrimangal trip, we tripped in last october, 2016. It was very charming and we had a lot of fun there. We stayed in for 2+days excluding the journey time. OK, before i’ll let you know my story in short let’s have a little note about That region : Continue Reading

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The Floating Market of Guava: Floating Beauty in Bangladesh

December 8, 2016
guava floating market

Have you ever seen the beauty of the floating market where the boatman carrying all the fruits and food, sails in the river and marketing it to the people?

Maybe the floating market in the foreign country bewitches you with the beauty. Crystal clear water, good looking people everywhere, nice and soothing environment seem like enchantment for you.


Do you know that we’ve also got the floating market in our country? It’s similar to the floating market in Thailand. This market gets crowded during the Guava season, and you’ll see the largest floating hut during July, August, and September.

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New Zealand Para: Another Dreamland in Bangladesh!

November 30, 2016

New Zealand Para


Have you ever cherished to explore New Zealand at any stage of your life? Maybe you dreamt many times in your sleep, but your dream didn’t come true.

So today I want to share with you about such a place in Bangladesh where your dream can come true for a moment! The place is called New Zealand Para.

New Zealand Para is situated 1.5 km south of “Khagrachari” town near Pankhai para. The road to go from Pankhai para to Apar Pera Chara village is known as New Zealand para. You’ll find green farmland on both sides of the road. It’s the one and only flat land in the hilly region, Khagrachari.

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A Short Trip to Mini Cox’s Bazar: Moinot Ghat

October 26, 2016

Moinot Ghat

Photo credit: Ashikun Nobi Nobin

Adventurous people love backpacking to remote areas. They trigger a risky place to get the full flavor of adventure. But there are a few people who are travel lover but not adventurous. These people used to crowd different restaurants or food courts a few years ago due to lack of places to visit in or near Dhaka.

Recently this trend is changing. Crazy people are now discovering many places near Dhaka to relax and to heal the heart from boredom and busy life. Considering the money, time and distance, today I’ll talk about the recently discovered place, named Moinot Ghat. It’s popularly known as mini cox’s bazar.

Recently I had a trip to this Moinot Ghat. I loved the serpentine road, fresh air to breath in, the cold water to soothe my body and mind and finally a day well spent!

If you want to witness the mesmerizing ambiance, melodious sound of the water wave, sunrise, and sunset, you can have a short trip to Moinot Ghat. It’s located in Dohar Upazila of Nawabgonj near Dhaka.

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Fly to the Bat Cave House

October 23, 2016
bat cave house

As I was going through different magazines, I found an interesting article on the biggest bat cave.  I had no idea about this cave before. But as I was deepening more, it was getting more exciting! So I thought why not to share with you guys!

This bat cave house is known as Bracken Cave located in the southern  Comal Country, Texas, outside of the city San Antonio. It’s the summer home of the largest colony of bats owned by Bat Conservation International (BCI). Almost 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats make their abode in the Bracken cave during March to October. It’s considered as the largest bat colony in the world.

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The Top 31 Beautiful Places to Visit in Bangladesh

September 25, 2016
places to visit in bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of flora and fauna rivers and rivulets, villages and hamlets, hills and hillocks, silvery sea-shores and blessed with six seasons. It’s a beautiful country to explore. But due to lack of knowledge, many people don’t choose this country for backpacking. I hope you’ll  love to visit in Bangladesh after reading the description below. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of nature of Bangladesh disguised and concealed for so long. Continue Reading