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Re-ignite & Regain Your Inner Power

October 24, 2016
inner power

Life is a journey of ups and downs. Challenges come every day. They’ll try to make you down! If you have the inner power, you can fight by any means. If you want to light the darkness of your life, re-ignite your inner power.

It’s a nature to bloom when you are free. Come out of the box. Rekindle and regain your power that’s already inside you. Continue Reading

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12 Characteristics of a Healthy Family Responsibility

October 10, 2016
characteristics of a healthy family

From the childhood, we are accustomed to the word ‘Family,’ the fundamental institute of human life. Obviously, it means a lot in our life. But now I am going to ask you, do you think it’s healthy? Can you share everything with your family? Do you have respect from the inner side? Are you satisfied with your family? And finally are you happy with your family? Continue Reading

Health mind psychology self development

Abstract Study: A brief discourse on intuition

April 23, 2016

You heard the word intuition nowadays. I guess once you have experienced in some real life situation that a feeling was emerged in your mind, and from that feeling you considered to take a decision or you made a quick choice on something which eventually was better or beneficial for you and made you safe. You did this without any logical reasoning or thinking or true facts and knowledge you gained from your childhood. You may say that the feeling that was arisen in your mind and influenced you to made a choice to do something or not to do something, to say something or not to say something was intuitive.

Continue Reading