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Friday Dinner with Khadija Tahera: Chicken Satay, with Mustard & Honey,noddles :)

February 5, 2016

Khadija Tahera, is my wife a lovely lady i live with. She is a good cook i would say. Every weekend she tries to do something in our dinner. Something new a bit tasty what would i say a bit tweaking in the food recipes she read on facebook pages or on the food blogs she follows. So tonight she made Chicken satay and chicken with mustard and honey and also a nice veg noddles. All are fabs ūüôā


Chicken cooked with Mustard and Honey. KT


Chicken Satay – Khadija Tahera

Friday Dinner with Khadija Tahera

Friday Dinner with Khadija Tahera


Fruit Salad: Pomegranate, nuts, strawberry, etc. Made by Khadija Tahera


Dinner with Khadija Tahera


Yummy veg noddles.

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Diyabari Photos in Uttara

January 31, 2016

Diyabari in new uttara is getting famous for a short trip for you and your family. If you have a car¬† and stay around Uttara then this is now common for people who love to drive during the weekend. Though the place is for driving or for learning at least as the newly built are without traffic most the time. When you come from Dhaka, the entry point at Airport circle would be very awful as the traffic will cost you 0.20-1 hour staying without any movement if you are unlucky.¬† Another odd point is at Khalpaar where sector-12 is ended. The Sonargaon Janpaath Avenue at Khalpaar is now totally smashed out¬† and your driver should be careful and to move slowly whilst crossing the bridge. But when you get in the new sectors you would feel amazing experience. During the monsoon whilst in raining Kaash forests over there are awesome to see. I didn’t see when i got there last month though.

Landing airplane seen from Diyabari

Landing airplane seen from Diyabari

diyabari-lake-boating boating-in-the-lake-at-Diyabari,-Uttara-15 leafssunsettingsunsetting-in-diyabariboating-at-Diyabari-lake,-uttara

Bangladesh Photography Travel

Photo Blog on Reverie Holiday Resort in Gazipur

January 25, 2016
Mahbub Murshed

I have passion in Picture taking and wanted to explore new things around me and get it snapped ūüôā

OK, on last Friday i was accompanied with my wife and little daughther went to a Picnic in Gazipur along with her friends. It wasn’t far away from Dhaka. The spot is:

Reverie Holiday Resort, Tech Kathora, Salna in Gazipur.

The Bus trip was amazing and we had lots of fun throughout the day. The Resort is located in a green space with lots of trees, playground, garden, a nice pond and a rooftop for BBQ in the night. Boat trip for 2 persons would be an amazing effort if you are brave enough taking your wife on it. hmmm i didn’t dare though they have plenty of life saving facilities. Take a look the pictures i took. Ohh yes the food was good to me. Though they should have buffet rather than fixed menu. Overall, my review is satisfactory.


Reverie-Holiday-Resort in Gazipur


Reverie Holiday Resort- Photo was taken on the east side of the Nice Pond and in the Dark so that the Resort is to be in glow and behind whilst the tree is the Subject.


Lonely Flower


Boating is fantastic here. Lots of fun.


I always love Swans.


BBQ is available whilst night stay with your family and friends. Good facilities are there.


Kids were very happy. My daughter passed most of her time in the tiny but greenery park.


Sit here and start discussing on issues you may have in mind :). So peaceful.

Christmas-tree-at-Reviere rrResort infront-of-the-resort Cottage-in-Reverie-Resort Bamboo




Leaving is always saddening


Thinking on Photography careers!

January 23, 2016

From intriguing areas to magazine spreads to daily papers, a profession in photography will permit you to unleash your inventiveness and to pick precisely how you need to seek after it.

What Can Photography Schools Do For You?

These schools basically help you to create imaginative and masterful aptitudes, alongside the specialized capacities that are important for you to end up an expert picture taker. Understudies can seek after lucrative and blending so as to fulfill professions photography and workmanship to fit their particular hobbies. The courses gave are colossal and specialized, and give preparing in the utilization and consideration of cameras, and in taking care of the intricacies of film advancement.

The preparation incorporates directions on ordinary cameras and other hardware, advanced photographs, sorts of lenses, length of exposures and the different methods utilized for creating prints. A few colleges and universities honor degrees in photography, for example, Associate of Arts (AA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA). What’s more, a few schools give graduate level courses to endorsements in photography with cutting edge systems. Understudies can choose photography as either a noteworthy or a minor subject, or they can pick exceptional photography classes basically to seek after their hobbies.

These schools support and create innovation, imagination, genius, individual expression and individual style through their preparation programs. The educational programs comprises of advanced and film systems, lighting, camera nuts and bolts, likeness, expressive arts, computerized imaging programming, and piece and darkroom printing methods.

Numerous schools additionally offer courses in outline, narrative film making systems, planning, business promoting, presentation abilities, business aptitudes, photojournalism, and how to set up a studio for trying picture takers. Photography school graduates can have practical experience in games, showcasing, news, likeness and a few different callings inside of the immeasurable field of photography. Lone ranger and Associate Degrees give section level positions as craftsmen, specialists, and colleagues in business photography.

Vocations in Photography If you gain a complete essential training from any school or school, then here are a couple of the fields you can have some expertise in:

o    Digital Photography

o    Fashion Photography

o    Editorial Photography

o    Advertising Photography

o    Wedding Photography

o    Documentary Style Photography

o    Photo Technician

For skilled individuals who are normally gifted, photography as a vocation can be extremely lucrative and bring distinction. Undoubtedly, numerous expert picture takers have come to the highest point of this field, and are very looked for after for their administrations. Here are a couple vocations in photography that understudies can seek after:

o    Newspaper and Magazine Photographer

– Although independent photography is more lucrative, picture takers who are simply beginning can become well known through daily papers and magazines.

o    Advertising Agencies

– In promoting organizations, picture takers make advertisements for different crusades. You can develop in this field and even turn into a craftsmanship executive or a director for operations.

o    Fashion Shooting

– Working in design shoots includes diligent work, however is an animating knowledge. Picture takers conceptualize and coordinate the shoots. Numerous style houses utilize picture takers.

o    Event Photographer

– Events like weddings and shows or makes a big appearance oblige picture takers to record the capacity.

o    Freelance Photographer

– Freelance photography is a testing yet fulfilling and energizing profession. There are various global associations like the UNICEF that contract proficient picture takers to make different documentaries in remote zones.

Photography vocations are as masterfully remunerating as they are beneficial. For every one of those with an inventive twisted of brain and a creative eye, a profession in photography can open a wide vista of chances.