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New Zealand Para: Another Dreamland in Bangladesh!

November 30, 2016

New Zealand Para


Have you ever cherished to explore New Zealand at any stage of your life? Maybe you dreamt many times in your sleep, but your dream didn’t come true.

So today I want to share with you about such a place in Bangladesh where your dream can come true for a moment! The place is called New Zealand Para.

New Zealand Para is situated 1.5 km south of “Khagrachari” town near Pankhai para. The road to go from Pankhai para to Apar Pera Chara village is known as New Zealand para. You’ll find green farmland on both sides of the road. It’s the one and only flat land in the hilly region, Khagrachari.

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Earthquake Safety Tips- Learn How to Survive

November 4, 2016

Earthquake is a devastating disaster but not a frequent occurrence. But recently its frequency has increased a lot, crossing all the past records. So it has created panic, terror, and confusion in our mind. Its safety has become dire need among the general people.

Earthquake is disruptive and can be a one-time event or a series of events of varying period. A little knowledge on earthquake safety tips can enhance the chance of your surviving in the earthquake. The earthquake safety tips can make a lifesaving difference if the earthquakes hit suddenly.

Before going to the safety tips, I want to light sheds on the recent earthquake video in Nepal, so that you can understand the terror, horror, and panic that goes on inside the mind of the victim.

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