Dinajpur Municipality

Dinajpur City Corporation is coming in a month or so!

Dinajpur is one of the oldest municipality towns in North Bengal will become a full-fledzed city corporation in coming months. Reports said. The extended boundaries across the town are included … Continue Reading →

Ganeshtala, Dinajpur

Neighbourhoods in Dinajpur Town

Dinajpur Town is not quite large but yes she has a number of neighbourhoods, all are very comfortable to live. The Station Road which goes from south to north is in the … Continue Reading →

Jalajog Maldapatty, Dinajpur

Dinajpur Sweet shops

Dinajpur is renown for its sweetmeats. There are several sweet shops in town and some of them are very old. Jalajog at Maldapatty is very popular for all types of … Continue Reading →

Dinajpur Zilla School

Notable High schools in Dinajpur District

Across Dinajpur District we have got a number of High schools, most of them though are located in the District headquarter. But there are quite a number of good schools … Continue Reading →

Dinajpur Medical College Hospital

Hospital & Clinics in Dinajpur

Dinajpur at the moment is rich on health care facilities provided by the government  and from the private initiatives, i should say at least minimum medical treatments are being facilitated by the available … Continue Reading →

Diamond hotel Maldpatty, Dinajpur

Dinajpur hotels list

Dinajpur district is one of the largest districts in Bangladesh. There are 13 Police stations including Sadar. Dinajpur town, the sadar, is in between those 13 Upazillas(PS.), though not quite … Continue Reading →

Dinajpur govt college

Dinajpur Govt.College, a location for higher education

Dinajpur Govt. College started its journey temporarily at Maharaja Girijanath high School premise  in Dinajpur town in 1942  as a part of Ripon College of Kolkata when veteran Rabindra Narayan … Continue Reading →

Atrai river dinajpur

Atreyee/Atrai River of Dinajpur

Atrai also spelt Atreyee River in India, is the largest river across the region and International too as she crosses both India & Bangladesh in the journey,  go through the … Continue Reading →

Kantaji Temple, Dinajpur

Ornamental Kantaji Temple, Dinajpur

  People of Dinajpur is always proud of their rich culture, religion and heritage since 4th century B.C. This region is administered by the ancient Mayrians, Palas, Senas, Muslims and … Continue Reading →

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