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Alutila Cave: A Mysterious Dark Cave That Ever Exist!

January 15, 2017

Aulitila Cave


Many a time you saw a haunted house or haunted cave in the movie serial. But what if you get it in real life, again in the country like Bangladesh?

Yes, you get it right. We‘ve got a cave called Alutila cave which is one of the natural caves that exist in the world. But due to lack of publicity, we hardly have any idea about this place.

If you think yourself adventurous like others, get ready with backpacking to quench your thirst for a new spot!

source: Jason Baidya


Alutila is the renowned tourist spot at Khagrachari. It’s located at 7km west of Khagrachari town at Matiranga Upazila. In the Atulita tourism center, there is a mysterious cave known as Alutila cave.

Different name in use

Locally people call it “Matai Hakor” or “the cave of God”. But since it’s at Alutila spot so we call it Alutila Cave. It’s a beautiful picnic spot.

Things to attract you

Here, the natural beauty is incomparable which touches your heart.

Alutila is the highest mountain in the Khagrachari. Though it’s named “Tila” or “hillock”, it’s actually a range of mountain. Alutila was previously called as “Arbari mountain”. Its height is 3000 ft.

From here you can see a part of Khagrachari town. Besides, you’ll be amazed by the green carpet of the mountain region. The sky, mountain, and clouds embrace in such a way that it makes a magical environment.

Exploring the cave

If you want to explore the mysterious tunnel of the cave, at first you’ve to cut a ticket and get to the entrance where the century-old tree welcome you from the both side. Inside the cave is so dark that you have to bring locally sold Flambeau or high powered torch. No sunlight can enter inside the cave.

The diameter of the cave mouth is almost 18 ft.

Alutila Cave mouth

A small fountain at the right side:

When you enter at the cave mouth, you’ll get two roads. Right side road opens to a small fountain. The water falls to a jhiri path. But the local people made a dam to collect the fountain water. They use it for drinking water and for other purposes of the daily activities.

A slippery tunnel at left:

Again if you go the left side from the entrance, you’ll find a tunnel which is slightly muddy, slippery and rocky. The cave looks like an underground tunnel whose length is 350ft. It takes 10-15 minutes to reach from one end to another end of the cave.

How to go there:

You can go to Khagrachari by transport bus like- Hanif, Shamoli, Shanti, etc . the bus fare is around 520 TK. Again, BRTC and St.Martin Parivaban Ac bus also go to Khagrachari.

Contact info:
Shyamoli Parivaban:

  • From kollyanpur-8034275, 9003331
  • From asadgate-912454, 8124881
  • Arambag- 02-7194291

Shanti Paribhaban:

  • From Arambag- 01190994007
  • Oxygen (Chittagong)- 01817715552

St. Martin Paribhaban:

  • From Arambag- 01762691341, 01762691340

Again, you can go to Khagrachari from Chittagong.

  • BRTC AC bus (ctg) Kodomtoli- 01682385125

Now from Khagrachari town you’ve to go to Alutila Cave by “Chander Gari” or “CNG”.

Besides, if you’re on the way to Sajek Valley, you can explore Alutila Cave and New Zealand Para and Haja chara Jharna at the same time.

Where to eat:

You’ll get System Restaurant near the Khagrachari town. Here you can have the traditional food of Khagrachari.

Contact no.- 01732906322, 01556773493

Where to stay:

In Khagrachari you will get tourist motel along with different hotels.

Tourist Motel: get more information of motel from here.

Hotel Eco Chori Inn- get the information from here.

The Hotel Shoyil Subarna- 0371-61836, 01190776812

The Hotel Jerin: 0371-61071

Hotel Lobiyot: 01199244730, 0371-61220, 01556575746

Hotel Shilpi: 0371-61795


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