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Photo Blog on Reverie Holiday Resort in Gazipur

January 25, 2016
Mahbub Murshed

I have passion in Picture taking and wanted to explore new things around me and get it snapped 🙂

OK, on last Friday i was accompanied with my wife and little daughther went to a Picnic in Gazipur along with her friends. It wasn’t far away from Dhaka. The spot is:

Reverie Holiday Resort, Tech Kathora, Salna in Gazipur.

The Bus trip was amazing and we had lots of fun throughout the day. The Resort is located in a green space with lots of trees, playground, garden, a nice pond and a rooftop for BBQ in the night. Boat trip for 2 persons would be an amazing effort if you are brave enough taking your wife on it. hmmm i didn’t dare though they have plenty of life saving facilities. Take a look the pictures i took. Ohh yes the food was good to me. Though they should have buffet rather than fixed menu. Overall, my review is satisfactory.


Reverie-Holiday-Resort in Gazipur


Reverie Holiday Resort- Photo was taken on the east side of the Nice Pond and in the Dark so that the Resort is to be in glow and behind whilst the tree is the Subject.


Lonely Flower


Boating is fantastic here. Lots of fun.


I always love Swans.


BBQ is available whilst night stay with your family and friends. Good facilities are there.


Kids were very happy. My daughter passed most of her time in the tiny but greenery park.


Sit here and start discussing on issues you may have in mind :). So peaceful.

Christmas-tree-at-Reviere rrResort infront-of-the-resort Cottage-in-Reverie-Resort Bamboo




Leaving is always saddening

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