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The Top 40 Beautiful Places to Visit in Bangladesh – UPDATED

August 28, 2018
places to visit in bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of flora and fauna rivers and rivulets, villages and hamlets, hills and hillocks, silvery sea-shores and blessed with six seasons. It’s a beautiful country to explore. But due to lack of media coverage, mass people don’t choose this country for backpacking. I hope you’ll  love to visit in Bangladesh after reading the description below. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of nature of Bangladesh disguised and concealed for so long. Continue Reading

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Mind Game: How To Learn Faster and Better

August 28, 2018

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

When you’re spending most of your entire life to win in the computer gaming then why not a mind game? Let’s have a try.

There is no option to learning. Every day, every moment, every minute and every second,you’re observing, experiencing and learning many things. There goes a famous quote-


“Never stop learning.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


So how can you learn so many things in short time? How to learn faster and better? From the study, it’s said that adults use only 10% of their brain. If they truly love playing the game then why not the mind game? Just imagine how much we could go far by utilizing 50% of our brain! So learn the tricks and hacks of learning anything faster and better.


Break down the skill into different parts

If you break down the skill into small parts, it’ll let you know which is the most important and which is less. The more you break the skill, the more clear will be the important part that you need to learn first.

Say, you’re learning how to play piano. So break down the skill into parts like- learning the music chords, proper finger placement, learning scale, finger picking and so on.

Now, which is the most important part for you to play on the piano? Obviously finger placement and learning the common cords. Then you’ll be able to play a ton of songs.

Reach out to expert or mentor

In today’s world, outreaching has become easier and faster. When you’re learning on any topic, reach out to the expert or look for a mentor who can guide you to the proper road. The fastest way to be good at something is to reach out to a person who ‘ve already got the result that you’re expecting.


According to Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and the author of “Power Talk” –

“It doesn’t matter what your age, gender or background is — modeling gives you the capacity to fast track your dreams and achieve more in a much shorter period of time,”

If you know your friends, who’re good at the skill you’re trying to learn, ask them to go to coffee shop and learn from them. Again on the internet, you’re getting lots of information and services. Many agencies offer service for the particular skill like Home Tutor.


Do you know 80/20 rule?

Are you familiar with the Pareto’s Law? It explains that 80% of your desired outputs come from 20% of inputs. This is what we meant it 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Law.

For example-

20% of learning methods lead to 80% of your results


20% of your customers will drive your sale up to 80%.

When you’re learning something, you’ve so much thing to learn, and thus you’re jumping from one place to another place. But at first, fix which one is your main focus?And learn accordingly.

When you’re learning Spanish for communication in the foreign country, don’t start learning how to read and write. Again, don’t go for the grammatical mistakes rather learn how to communicate which is equivalent to 80% output of your result.

Two-third of your time for practicing

You need to balance between the researching and practicing. I admit that you need to learn and research. But practice makes you perfect.

For example- you’re spending most of the time in reading how to do the driving, but you’re not holding the steering and taking the direct action. Hence, your learning will not be faster or better or effective.

You can gain experience only from the scratches, not from the research work.

So the perfect ratio for the practice and research is stated by Dan Coyle, the author of The Talent Code and The Little Book of Talent. He suggested the rule of two-third. One-third for studying and two-third for the direct action.

He further said-

“Our brains evolved to learn by doing things, not by hearing about them,”

Coyle told TIME Magazine   

If you try to learn how to be a good cook, spend 30% on studying and 70% on direct action and test yourself. So focus more on practicing for the desired faster output.

Compress and summarize

This method is called ABC method. That is Always Be Compressing. This was the keystone of the best-selling guide The 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss’.

Try hard to compress all the information in one to two pages and again turn them into the image if possible.

We receive everything as a form of an image in our brain, not by words. So try to create the image of your information. Pie Chart, graphic chart, mind map, etc. will help to visualize your knowledge in a nutshell.


Make deadlines for every work

If you keep the work for tomorrow, it will never come in your entire life. So make a deadline for every bit of your work.

Did you hear the Parkinson’ Law ever? If you gave reading on “productivity”, you might be familiar with this law. The law is-

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Can you remember how you used to end your paper writing in all semester in your university? Everything was done before the “Deadline.”

So if you want the Parkinson’s Law in your favor, make a deadline. Then you’ll complete it more efficiently.

Want to put pressure for a shorter period? You go through different tricks and hacks like-  time management tricks, the Pomodoro technique. It will ensure distraction-free work with short breaks in between the work every time.

You can also look for free tools available online like- Tomato Timer and etc. to help you out.   

Method to beat hours

Techniques and the tactics can beat your valuable hours. Choose the suitable method for you which makes your learning process easier and faster.


For example-  you’ve started learning vocabulary. There are various method to remember like

Mnemonics, flashcard, puzzle word, vocab app in the mobile, vocab test online, vocabulary game, etc.    

For every kind of work, there are different strategies. From the online source, you can grab various tricks. But choose the method which is easy for you to consume. Every strategy is not for you.


In this way, you can beat hours and learn anything faster.

Use multiple sources for learning

If you learn something from different sources, then it becomes more rigid in our mind. This is because different media stimulate different parts of our brain. So when different parts of our brain are working together, we can absorb more knowledge  quickly with a better impression in our mind.


Therefore, instead of reading books or article only try a podcast, videos and different mobile apps, etc. for the solid pillar of learning.


Say “No” to multitasking.

Now multitasking has become a guilty pleasure to all of us. Out of 100%, only 2% can work properly. Others are simply doing the wastage of time.

To be more clear, when you open multiple tabs in your computer what do you observe? Every work is getting slow, right? This is the same case happens when you do multitasking. It simply destroys your learning in the proper way let alone faster.

From the study, it’s found that it takes minimum 25 minutes to return to the task after distraction. So you can see a huge loss of time and your learning process is getting slow.


Steps to healthy mind

If you want to learn anything faster and better, you need to keep your mind healthy and sound. You need priming of your mind. For that,  follow the steps below:

Daily Workout: doing cardio improves your learning and memory. From one study, it’s seen that memory and ability to think to improve after 15 minutes exercise.


Meditate: Meditation doesn’t only release stress but improves concentration, memory and impulse control.


Sound sleep: Getting the sound sleep is crucial for proper brain function, reaction time and good judgment. The people with sound sleep can learn much faster and better.


Drink water: The reaction times, mental processing and responsiveness increase with hydration. Hence drink lots of water daily and eat lots of common fruits with good sources of water.


Eat PUFA: It’s Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. This is mainly omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain function and controls brain’s memory and learning center. Salmon is a good source of omega-3s. Meet free PUFAs includes- peanuts, chia, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc.


Laugh: Be with the people who make you laugh. From the study, it’s seen that laughing is one of the solutions to creativity and problem-solving.


Press Release

Press Release: Hells Pawn Launches Its Highly Anticipated Action Game to IOS and Android

March 27, 2017

Summary:  Perhaps one of the most highly awaited games of 2017,

Hells Pawn is ready to give mobile gamers something they have never experienced before. With its top notch graphics, enthralling sound effects and a compelling comic based storyline, the game is set to change the dynamics of mobile gaming at


While action packed games are perhaps the most popular genre when it comes to mobile gaming, most of the games available on Android and IOS for that matter fail to meet expectations. With most games, the player is often left wanting a lot more as the experience simply isn’t enthralling enough. Even though most mobile phones or tablet devices these days are built to run graphic-heavy games, the majority of developers continue to make use of graphics that do not really belong, resulting in an unfavorable experience. In other cases, where the graphics are top notch, the gameplay or the storyline lets the users down. These days, the average mobile gamer demands a gaming experience that is akin to larger platforms such as the Xbox or the PlayStation and this is exactly what the brains behind Hells Pawn have been able to do. Taking into account the outcry of gamers, the company has finally decided to launch its much anticipated game on both iOS and Android.

Download Hells Pawn free from:



Hells Pawn: An Action Game Like No Other

Promising to change the dynamics of mobile gaming, Hells Pawn is an all-out action packed game with a great storyline. Based on an old world legend, the game revolves around Lindorf, a cursed thief who is bent on doing good to save the world from total destruction. Cursed by his status as well as his powers, the thief or the antihero was once known for his daring heists that is until one of them goes wrong and leads to him being eternally cursed. Naturally then, his mission isn’t without its fair share of dangers as hordes of enemies and other dark powers summon all their strength to stop him, all of which results in a truly fascinating storyline.


However, the extraordinary storyline isn’t the only upside of the game. In fact, it is only a small part of what the game has to offer as users are sure to be left enchanted by a host of other factors such as:

  • Top notch graphics that are sure to leave users glued to their devices;
  • Captivating sound effects giving a near real life experience;
  • Numerous missions and adventures.

Simply put, the developers behind Hells Pawn have strived to create a mobile gaming experience which is lacking in most other games available today. In addition to this, the developers have also introduced an introductory contest. The player that ranks the highest on the leadership board by the end of April is set to win a comic book.

About Hells Pawn

Featuring a legendary, action packed storyline with wonderful graphics as well as sound effects, Hells Pawn is a mobile-based game that is set to take 2017 by storm. For more information about the game and how to download it, visit More information about the storyline and how you can start playing today can also be found on

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Alutila Cave: A Mysterious Dark Cave That Ever Exist!

January 15, 2017

Aulitila Cave


Many a time you saw a haunted house or haunted cave in the movie serial. But what if you get it in real life, again in the country like Bangladesh?

Yes, you get it right. We‘ve got a cave called Alutila cave which is one of the natural caves that exist in the world. But due to lack of publicity, we hardly have any idea about this place.

If you think yourself adventurous like others, get ready with backpacking to quench your thirst for a new spot!

source: Jason Baidya

Continue Reading

Travel World

The Sea of Stars: A Glowing Fantasy in Maldives

January 3, 2017
sea of stars

Think of a night you’re walking by the side of a sea, only you and the sea which is glowing brightly in the blue light. The more you’re walking forward, the more the cold air is touching your face, and when you’re trying to take a handful of water, it’s getting away through the finger’s gap with the own beauty of its brightness.

Yes.I am not talking about any dream. You can experience this mesmerizing view lying on the beach of Maldives.

Credit: Avrilia Anggraeni

Continue Reading

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Hotel Resources in Some Famous Tourist Spots What You’re Insanely Looking for Traveling!

December 20, 2016
hotel resources

Before getting the holiday, you dream to travel here or there and the travel list piles up in your head automatically. But when the holidays get started, you start thinking how to go, where to stay and is there any accommodation facility at all or not?

Again if you get the hotels, you don’t get it according to your budget list. So to lessen your trouble I made the hotel resources with the average budget.

Now, traveling has become a trend. So I can see many excited people counting their days for holidays. Since most of the people are young and students, who’re rushing towards the spots nowaday, so I tried to arrange from the low price to hight price of the hotel tariff  so that anybody with low budget can enjoy traveling.

Have a look and happy traveling!

Hotel Diamond Palace, Cox’s Bazar

Price list:

Couple bed for 2 person:

AC-1380 BDT /night

Non AC- 1680 BDT/night

2 separate bed:

4 person, AC- 1180tk, Non-AC-1580tk


Kalataly road, Coxs Bazar, Chittagong 4700, Bangladesh

Reservation no. :

0341-63642, 01822535001, +88 01199-738134,

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Photoblog: In & Around ShreeMongal

December 11, 2016

This post should’ve been published a month ago. It’s about Shrimangal trip, we tripped in last october, 2016. It was very charming and we had a lot of fun there. We stayed in for 2+days excluding the journey time. OK, before i’ll let you know my story in short let’s have a little note about That region : Continue Reading

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The Floating Market of Guava: Floating Beauty in Bangladesh

December 8, 2016
guava floating market

Have you ever seen the beauty of the floating market where the boatman carrying all the fruits and food, sails in the river and marketing it to the people?

Maybe the floating market in the foreign country bewitches you with the beauty. Crystal clear water, good looking people everywhere, nice and soothing environment seem like enchantment for you.


Do you know that we’ve also got the floating market in our country? It’s similar to the floating market in Thailand. This market gets crowded during the Guava season, and you’ll see the largest floating hut during July, August, and September.

Continue Reading